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  1. He helped improve life for people in Philadelphia by founding the first newspaper, library, hospital and volunteer fire department.
  2. ships began in New England and carried goods to West Africa where goods were traded for enslaved Africans, then they sailed to the West Indies, exchanging some ensalved africans for goods, before returing to the colonies. 2 stops before returning home.
  3. the middle colonies were know as this because wheat was grown and mill built to make flour
  4. cash crops, tobacco, rice and indigo grew here

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  1. New Englandwere built to careful design and helped the town to become self-sufficient because all the places where people could buy and sell items were centrally located.


  2. Middle Colony Townfarmers sold crops in market places in town. Farming was an important part of the colony.


  3. Southern Plantationeconomy based on growing cash crops on small farms and large plantations with slaves. Involved in triangular trade routes.