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Prime minister of Austria. Represented Austria

Fredrick-William III

Represented Prussia

Alexander I

Represented Russia


Represented Britian. Didn't care what happened as long as it didn't effect Britian. Brought idea of liberalism. Wanted to get back the balance of power.


Idea that people can protect their own rights.

Age of Metternich

1815-1848. ______ polices govern the continent. Beliefs of legitimately. Thinks liberalism is dangerous. Wanted to return Feudalism but couldn't. Wanted Austria to guiding force in German states uniting.

Fredrick-William III & Alexander I

Only want land.

German Confederation

Name that Confederation of the Rhime was changed to. Austria controlled it. 38 states.

Karlsbad Decrees

No freedom of press, speech, or assembly in German States. (Inspires Nationalism in German states)


______ got Finnland.


______ got Norway.


______got nothing.

Great Britian

(claimed they wanted nothing)_____ got Cape Colonies.


Dutch farmers who live in Cape Colonies.

Russia & Prussia; Metternich

_____ & ______ wanted Poland. ______ decided that they should be content with what they already had.


_____ once again had the Papal States.

Pope Pious VII

Was held in jail for 7 years by Napoleon becuase he opposed Nap.'s divorce.

Holly Alliance

by Alexander I (Russia). Way to keep peace by following ideas of Christianity. (the theory was to never have another rebbellion) Austria and Prussia signed. Great Britian did not sign.

Quadruple Alliance

(way to keep peace) Austria, Prussia, Russia, & Great Britian sign. Stated that whenever a rebellion, those countries would send an army to put down the rebellion. (Flaw:Great Britian said that they would not send an army to put down a rebellion that was for civil liberties)


Represents France. Has little power.

Netherlands; Metternich

10 provinces from south (catholic) joined with 7 provinces from North. Joined by ______ who did not think about the possibility of nationalism or liberalism being a threat(mistake).

Ottoman Empire

controls the Vulcans

The sick man of Europe

Nickname for the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire

controlled the straights (Dardanelles & Bosporus)

Upper Middle

class that supported liberalism

Liberalists (Liberalism)

wanted a government that would fight for its citizens to have basic rights (Upper Middle class was willing to fight as long as their power was not lost)

Nationalists (nationalism)

Want a constitutional monarchy with guaranteed rights. (Compared to Jingoism)


Extreme nationalist

Conservists (Conservatism)

Fought against change; wanted the old regime back. Only want a govenment to provide law and order. thought it was dangerous to give basic civil liberties to peasants. belived in legitamency


Idea of restoring rightful heir to thrown.

Socalists (socialism)

Think that the industrial revolution in Europe is dangerous. (this idea is barley there)

Quintuple Alliance

1818 France is allowed to join the alliance because they paid all of their debt off. New alliance_______.

Ferdinand VII

Spanish king who tried to change the constitutional monarchy to an absolute monarchy which caused rebellions that the alliance meets to put down.

Russia, Prussia,Austria, & France

England will not help put down the Spanish rebellions because they are fighting for civil liberties so they drop the Quintuple Alliance who's left?


___ puts down the Spanish rebellions in 1823.

George Canning

Prime minister of Great Britian after Castlereagh commits suicide


___ colonies that have gained independence and have the U.S worried about protecting them.

James Monroe

President of U.S that wants to protect the new Spanish colonies. Europe also wants to help protect but Pres. says no.

Monroe Doctrine

1823 by James Monroe (U.S). Closed the western hemisphere to future colonization. Also stated that the U.S would stay out of the internal affairs of Europe.

Greek Revolution

1821 Greece rebells against the Ottoman Empire

Wanted the straights (Dardanelles & Bosporus)

Reason that the alliance didn't support the Ottoman Empire when the Greeks were rebelling against them (Greek Revolution)

Lard Byron & Percy Shelly

two writers who supported the Greeks in the Greek Revolution

1. Same religion 2. Vulcans was a slovic community like Russia

Two reasons that Russia decides to help the Greeks in the Greek Revolution


Country that decides to help the Greeks in the Greek Revolution

Treaty of London 1827

Russia, France, & Great Britian pledge to help the Greeks in the Greek Revolution. (Great Britian & France don't want Russia to take the straights)

Treaty of Andrianople

1827 Survia is allowed to be self governing. Starts Pan Solvism (lasts until WWI) on the Vulcan Penninsula

Battle of Naravinvo

Russia, Britian, & France defeat the Turks. The Turks have to sue for peace.

Treaty of London 1830

Greeks gain their independence.

Self-interest became more important than keeping peace in Europe

Reason the Quadruple Alliance failed during the Greek Revolution

Great Britian

___ became the informal protector of the Ottoman Empire

Belgium Revolution

1830 the southern provinces rebell against the Netherlands

England & France

____ &_____ help the Belgium.

They want Dutch trade

Reason England & France helps Belgium in Belgium Revoltuion


victor of the Belgium Revolution

Convention 1839

allowed Belgium to become an independent country (also a neutral country) Great Britian became their protector

Self interest over peace in Europe

Reason the Quadruple alliance failed again during the Belgium Revolution

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