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4 typer of prayer

adoration; contrition; thanksgiving; supplicatiion

liturgical order

advent; christmas; ordinary time1; lent; tridium; easter; pentecost; ot 2









paschal mystery

the suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ

Mary as model disciple

1st disciple of jesus; showed us what it was like to be a perfect follower of him


the spirit came to disciples in form of wind and tongues of fire

images of the church

body of christ; bride or christ; vine and branches; leaven;good shepherd


something that can be known but never fully understood, because it relates to God


an expression of faith and love


the public worship of the chuch

cannon law

contains rules that guide all aspects of church life


The good news of God's mercy and love that we weexperience by hearing the story of Jesus' life, death, and ressurrection


The bishop of rome; the successor of saint peter; leader of roma catholic church


the lived faith of the church

theological virtues

faith; hope; love


an outward sign that indicates an inward grace

cardinal virtues

justice; fartitude; prudence; temperance

fruits of the spirit

kindness; goodness; chastity; love; gentleness; modesty; peace; self-control; generosity; joy; patience; faithfulness

gifts of the spirit

wisdom; knowledge; understanding; piety; fortitude; wonder and awe; counsel

corporal works of mercy

feed the hungry; clothe the naked; shelter the homeless; visit sick or imprisoned; give alms to poor; bury the dead

spiritual works of mercy

instruct; advise; console; confort; forgive; bear wrongs patiently

6 models of the church

institution; mystical communion; sacrament;herald; servant; community of disciples

good shepherd

jesus tells us he is________
his life if so great that he lays it down for his_____

bride of christ

image of the Church: Christ has a deep, permanent love for the Church; died for "her"

body of christ

rich image for the Church from St. Paul who wrote that the church is like a body for which Christ is the head

vine and branches

jesus=vine, we=branches


guides not only the community as a whole, but as individual christians who are filled with the spirit at baptism


you are the leaven of jesus when you become like him, and proclaim the kingdom with your life

communion of saints

disciples gather in church and become a _________ __ ______

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