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Religion midterms LEQ's chapter 2

to save us from sin and death, so that we may know God's love, to be a model of holiness, and to make us sharers in his divine nature
Why did the Word become flesh? (4)
The people were a expecting a political leader to free them from their king.
Why was Jesus' ministry a disapointment to some?
the gospels and ancient historians
What is our primary source of knowledge about Jesus?
Josephus and Tacitus
Name 2 historians who provide another source of knowledge about Jesus.
"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."
What is St.Jerome's famous quote?
The Historical Jesus, Oral Tradition, and the New Testament
What are the 3 stages of Gospel formation?
Matthew: man
Mark: lion
Luke: ox
John: eagle
What are the symbols of the 4 evangelists?
1. Immaculate conception - Mary was conceived without original sin. 2. Assumption - Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven. 3. Divine Maternity - the true mother of God. 4. Perpetual Virginity - Mary was and is always a virgin
What are the four dogmas of Mary?
1. raisings from the dead 2. nature miracles 3. exorcisms 4. healings
What are the 4 types of miracles Jesus performed?
sin and death were defeated through his death and his divinity was proven.
Why is the Resurrection a central truth of Faith?
repaired our friendship with God, restored humanity, and gives us hope
What effect does Christ's Resurrection have on humanity?
the first preaching, teaching, and baptisms of the disciples
Why is Pentecost known as the birthday of the Church?
1. Creed - God's story of his plan of salvation. 2. Sacraments - how we participate in the plan 3. Morality- how we live the plan 4. Prayer - our own conversation with God
What are the 4 pillars of the faith? Explain each.
We have an origin (God), a path ( Jesus, Sacraments), a purpose (happiness, Beatitudes), and destination (God, Heaven).
How do we describe out life as a journey? What are the elements of the journey?