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the idea that the US contains so many groups that represent so many different interests that there is a virtual deadlock of government action.

Pluralist theory

The US has a political system of widely scattered resources, govt. is mainly concerned with a competition among groups. Policy results when the group with the dominant interest prevails.

20th amendment

"Lame Duck" Amendment: sets the end of the pres. and VP's term on Jan. 20th. Officials who will not be assuming office and would therefore be ineffectual in proposing legislation are known as lame ducks.

Categorical grants, project grants, formula grants

grants for specific purposes- often require local matching funds, restrictions

Block grants

grants for specific purposes with few restrictions- to local communities

Revenue sharing

no requirement for matching funds and much greater freedom in spending decisions

devolution revolution

emphasis on solving problems at the state and local level, rather than at the federal level.

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