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A local bank clerk has been arrested for embezzling 250,000 dollars. The prosecutoer shows the jury reciepts for a new sports car, a new boat, and a new stereo system as proof that the clerk took the bank's money. What is the name for this type of evidence?


What is the name for a line segment that connects the vertex of an angle in a triangle to the midpoint fo the side opposite it?


Which NBA basketball team signed Lebron James to a three-year contract extension in July of 2006?


The study of tropisms led to the discovery of plant hormones that control growth. What is the name, beginning with the letter "a," for these hormones?


Spell "glockenspiel", which is a portable musical instrument


"Lake George" is a stunning painting by one of America's greatest female artists. Name this woman whose other works include "The Broken Shell" and "Cow's Skull with Calico Roses."

Bear Flag

What was the name of the revolt led by Ezekiel Merritt in 1846? During this revolt, a band of American settlers took over the town of Sonora, which was Mexico's headquarters in northern California.


The Muses were the daughters of Zeus and which Titan whose name means "memory"?

Leyden jar

What electrical deice consists of a glass container with a rubber stopper that can store electrical charge? It was the basis for the modern day capacitator. The correct answe begins with the letter "L."


The term "flower power" was coined by which Beat Generation poet who wrote Kiddish and Other Poems? His initials are A.G.

Pop art

Identify the art movement associated with the artist: Andy Warhol


Identify the art movement associated with the artist: Winslow Homer


Identify the art movement associated with the artist Salvador Dali


Identify the art movement associated with the artist: Claude Monet


What word, beginning with the letter "b", is a cowhand's term for a bad-tempered or untamed horse?


The Dome of the Rock is the third most sacred shrine of Islam. In which city is it located?


Identify the Axis military and political leader: German field marshal known as the "Desert Fox"


Identify the Axis military and politcal leader: Norwegian leader whose name became synonymous with the word "traitor"


Identify the Axis military and political leader: Japan's greatest admiral; he died in a plane crash in 1943


Identify the Axis military and political leader: German admiral who invented the Wolf Pack submarine attack method


Identify the author of this ficitional character: Nero Wolfe


Idenify the author of this fictional character: Sam Spade


Identify the author of this fictional characer: Sherlock Holmes


Identify the author of this fictional character: Miss Jane Marple


Who succeeded Trajan as emperor of Rome in 117 A.D.? After visiting England in 122, he decided to build a wall built across it. The Pantheon was also completed during his reign. His name begins with the letter "H."


Identify the mineral with the following Mohs scale: 2


Identify the mineral with the following Mohs scale value: 7


Identify the mineral with the following Mohs scale value: 4


Identify the mineral with the following Mohs scale value: 9


Vina del Mar is the leading seaside resort in which South American country? This resort city is located about four miles north of the city Valparaiso.


Identify the composer of : "Porgy and Bess"


Identify the composerof "Don Giovanni"


Identify the composer of "Carmen"


Identify the composer of "Rigoletto"


What international word is used as a distress call? It is derived from the French word meaning "Help me!" and is used when an airplane is about to crash. It begins with the letter "m."


Spell the eleven-letter word, beginning with "b," that is French term for the "middle class"

living will

What is the name for a written document that states a person's wishes regarding life-support or other medical treatment in circumstances when death is imminent?


What fraction of a mile is one foot?

Mauna Loa

What is the name of the largest volcano on the island of Hawaii? Its two-word name begins with the letters "M" and "L."


Which noble gas, discovered in 1898 from the residue of liquid air, has an atomic number of 54? Its atomic symbol is Xe.

Corpus delecti

What two-word Latin term, used in law, refers to the discovery of the body of a murder victim?

The Doors

Which rock and roll band took its name from the followng line of poetry written by William Blake? "If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as if it is infinite." Jim Morrison was the lead singer of this very popular band.

Escape velocity

For the Sun, this number equals 617.34 kilometers per second, while from earth it equals 11.2 kilometers per second. What is the name for the speed required to overcome the gravitational attraction of a heavenly body?


Identify the poetry term: lyric poem, containing fourteen lines in iambic pentameter, that expressed one idea

free verse

Identify the poetry term: poetry without standard meter or rhyme


Identify the poetry term: poem about country life


Identify the poetry term: repetition of internal vowel sounds for aural effect

Louisville Slugger

The Hillerich and Bradsby Company is located in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. What is the name of the well-known baseball bat it has manufactured since 1894?


Spell the geographic location: Uzbekistan

Phnom Penh

Spell the geographic location: Phnom Penh


Spell the capital of Chad, N'Djamena


Spell the geographic location: Seychelles


Which American poet wrote the following two lines? "I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I know not where;" This author also wrote the poem "Eveangeline." His initials were H.W.L.


The title of the following poems: "Ash Blank" by T.S. Eliot


The title of the following poems: "Sonnets from the Blank" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning


The title of the following poems: "The New Blank" by Emma Lazarus


The title of the following poems "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Blank" by Walt Whitman


Identify the only assault beach during the Normandy Invasio of 1944 that had the same name as a U.S. state.


Geology term: small earthquakes that follow the main earthquake; letter "a"


Geology term: black-colored variety of mica; letter "b"


Geology term: the ability of a mineral to break along preferred planes; letter "c"


Geology term: a long, streamlined hill composed of glacial sediment; letter "d"

Crime and Punishment

Which novel, written by Fyodor Dostoevesky, has been called the greatest crime story ever written? The main character, named Rodion Raskolnikov, killed an old pawnbroker in this novel.


Name the state where the national park is located: Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Name the state where the national park is located: Dry Tortugas

New Mexico

Name the state where the national park is located: Carlsbad Caverns


Name the state where the national park is located: Capitol Reef


What three-letter word refers to the offensive launched by North Vietnam against the United States during a cease-fire period in 1968?


Identify the Afro-American, femal author whoe 1997 book The Heart of a Woman details the story of her life as an author and activist in New York. Her best known work is most likely I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing


What is the name for the type of cellular transport that involves the expulsion of materials from within a cell via vacuoles? The correct answer begins with the letter "e."


Which book of the Bible is known as the "Apocalypse"?


spell the word beginning with the letter "a," refers to a brief story about an amusing or interesting incident

Saudi Arabia

In which Middle Eastern country could you visit "Chop-Chop Square," the location of public beheadings in its capital city of Riyadh?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning

Identify the husband and wife whose poems are characteristic of the Victorian Age. They were British authors.


Identify the antecedent for the first pronoun in the following sentence: Any woman who is friendly with her neighbor will be welcome in my neighborhood.

pituitary gland

What endocrine gland in invertebrates functions to control the activities of all the other endocrine glands?


Complex carbohydrates are stored in the human body in what form?


What generous and gracious King of Scotland murdered his way to the crown in Shakespeare's Macbeth?

Jacques-Louis David

Which court painter for Napoleon is also remembered for the work The Death of Socrates?

Type A

What personality type is characterized by a sense of being driven by time, impatience, and aggressiveness?


Identify the odorless, tasteless, colorless, inert gas which is used in light bulbs and neon signs.


The Berlin Conference of 1884 was called by the European powers to partition what continent?


Our moon does have a tail which consists of what atoms?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Identify the author of the following poems or volume of poems: "How Do I Love Thee"

John Greenleaf Whittier

Identify the author of the following poems or volume of poems: "The Barefoot Boy"

110 volts

What is the standard voltage in offices, shops, and homes?


Identify the planet: Planet with greatest average density


Identify the planet: hottest planet

One Hundred Years of Solitude

The seven generations of the Buendias family is chronicled in the fictional town of Macondo in what work by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?


What gold rush city sprang up at the junction of the Yukon and Klondike River in 1896?

James Hilton

Identify the author of these Pocket Books first published in 1939: Lost Horizon

Agatha Christie

Identify the author of these Pocket Books first published in 1939: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Bengal Tigers

The mangrove forest of the Sundarbans in the lower Ganges Delta near the Bay of Bengal is the last remaining habitat of what threatened animal species?


Spell the food related word: mostaccioli


Spell the food related word: zucchini


"A" and "an" are what kind of articles?

Scott Joplin

Who is the best-known American composer of ragtime music?


A large painting placed on a wall, or painted on a wall and ceiling is called what?


In 2008, scientists discovered a great cyclone on the North Pole of what planet in our solar system?

Loire River

What is the longest river of France, which empties into the Bay of Biscay?


The Joshua tree is found in what biome?


Name the 5th novel of Toni Morrison, that deals with the subjects of slavery and infanticide, and won a 1988 Pulitzer Prize.


Leading U.S. state that produces this crop: corn


Leading U.S. state that produces this crop: potatoes

Francisco Franco

Who became the right wing dictator of Spain from 1939-1975?

Computer-Aided Design

Identify the following acronym of the computer world: CAD

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting

Identify the following acronym of the computer world: CADD

John Dalton

Identify the following scientist: He formulated atomic theory and made the first table of atomic weights

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Identify the following scientist: He was director of the Manhattan Project


Which art period of the 18th century followed the Baroque period?

In Our Time

Identify the Ernest Hemingway work: Stories of life in the Midwest alternate with vignettes from the battlefields of World War I

The Sun Also Rises

Identify the Ernest Hemingway work: A group of lost souls, all of them physically or emotionally wounded, travel to Pamplona for the running of the bulls


What subatomic particle forms composite particles called glueballs?

General Douglas MacArthur

Which American was the commander of the most United Nations troops in Korea at the beginning of the Korean War?

Robert Penn Warren

The winner of three Pulitzers, who was the first United States Poet Laureate?


What layer of the Earth's outer atmosphere is believed to be produced by absorption of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation?


Physic term: a particle of energy with no mass or charge


Physics term: the bending of light passing through water

French and Indian War

James Fenimore Cooper's novel The Last of the Mohicans was set in present-day upper New York state during what war?

corpus callosum

What band of fibers in the human brain connects the two hemispheres of the brain?

U.S. Surgeon General

What position of leadership is the chief of the U.S. Public Health Service?

Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit in 1937 and described what mythical place?


Find the number that added to its reciprocal gives the minimum sum


What legal document makes it illegal to copy a person's invention without permission?

Ashcan School

Called The Eight, a group of New York artists formed an art movement in 1908 to portray common and sordid aspects of urban life. What other more notable name is applied to this art movement?

Carl Rogers

What American psychologist developed client-centered therapy and founded humanistic psychology?


Spell minuscule


spell hippopotamian

William Wordsworth

What poet wrote these lines: "I wandered lonely as a cloud/That floats on high o'er vales and hills/When all at once I saw a crowd,/A host, of golden daffodils

Charles River

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, lies on what river?


What was the site of the first permanent settlement in Massachusetts?

The Scarlet Letter

ID the following work of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Hester prefers to wear the sign of an adulteress.

The House of Seven Gables

ID the following work of Nathaniel Hawthorne: An ancestral curse, a lost fortune, and a man framed by his own cousin appear in this work

Dr. Christiaan Barnard

What doctor performed the first human heart transplant operation on December 3, 1967?


What is the present participle of rise


What is the past form of rise


Arnold Schoenberg created the new method of composition called atonality which is a series of how many tones?


Identify the following which relate to Soil: A soil consisting of a fertile mix of clay, sand, and silt


ID the following which relate to Soil: Soil or sediment deposited by a river or flood

Avogadro's Law

What law states that equal volumes of all gases under the same conditions of temperature and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules?


The Articles of Condederation, ratified in 1781, called for what type of legislature?

George Gershwin

Name the American composer who combined jazz with classical music in his Rhapsody in Blue


"Each", "all",and "most" are what kind of pronouns which are used as personal pronouns?

Hernan Cortes

Which Spanish conquistador claimed present-day Mexico for Spain and defeated the Aztec Empire in 1521?

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

What French artist was known for his paintings and posters of the night life in the district of Paris known as Montmarte?


Name the Shawnee chief who tried to unite Indian tribes from Florida to Canada into one large confederation.

Julius Caesar

Name the character from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar who says, "Cowards die many times before deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once."


Bulawayo is the second largest city, but what is the largest city and capital of Zimbabwe?


ID the Greek god for the Roman God: Vulcan

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