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World History Chapter 10 Sections 2 & 3 Terms & People

Lay Investiture

Secular rulers usually both chose nominees to church offices & gave them the symbols of their office.


forbids priests from giving sacraments of the Church to a particular group.


Christian rites


the denial of basic Church doctrines


Holy office


usually bones of saints or objects connected with saints that were considered worthy of worship

Pope Gregory VII

1073 - 1085;

Pope Gregory VII

fought against lay investiture.

Henry IV

the king of Germany;

Henry IV

fought with Gregory VII

Pope Innocent III

during his papacy in the 13th century, the Catholic Church reached the height of its political power.

Hildegard Of Bingen

became abbess of a religious house for females in W. Germany;

Hildegard Of Bingen

one of the first women composers.

Saint Francis of Assisi

born to a wealthy Italian merchant family;

Saint Francis of Assisi

family captured, imprisoned, then became poor, lived in poverty.


the study of religion of God;


the most highly regarded subject of the medieval university.


tried to reconcile faith & reason to show that was accepted on faith was in harmony with what could be learned through reason and experience.


the language of everyday speech in a particular region


Literature began coming out in this instead of Latin.


his works upset many Christian theologians;


arrived at conclusions by rational thought, not by faith;


some of his ideas contradicted the teachings of the Church

Saint Thomas Aquinas

made the most famous attempt to reconcile Aristotle with the doctrines of Christianity;

Saint Thomas Aquinas

best known for his Summa Theologica;

Saint Thomas Aquinas

posed a question, "Does God Exist?"

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