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les entrées

starter dishes (the appetizers)

des salades variées

various salads

du pamplemousse


de chèvre chaud

goat cheese on toasted French bread

de la salade de pâtes

pasta salade

des oeufs mayonnaise

hard boiled eggs split in two with a dollop of mayo on top

des oeufs mimosa

deviled eggs

du potage de légume

cream of vegetable soup

de la salade manon

a type of composed salad

un feuilleté

square or rectangular pieces of pastry dough cooked with something in it

le bar à salade

salad bar

du surimi mayonnaise

imitation crab with mayonnaise (imitation seafood salad)

le shoix de charcuterie

choise of pork meat products, cold cuts, sausages and/or pâté

de la salade tomates-féra-thon

salad compose of tomatoes, tuna and "féra" a fish from the salmon family found in lakes in the Alps

les viandes ou les plats principaux

the meats or the main dishes

de la saucisse


de la merguez

very spicy sausage made with beef and/or mutton

de dos du colin

back of hake (a type of fish)

sauce aurore

sunrise/dawn sauce (made with tomato paste and other ingredients)

du sauté de porc agenais

sauteed pork most likely served with a gravy or sauce

du steak haché

ground beef, hamburger (possibly in patty form)

de la fricadelle

type of breaded sausage from northern France cooked in oil

du boulboeuf

seasoned beef meatball

de la pizza trois fromages

three cheese pizza

du filet meunière

fish rolled in flour, cooked in a skillet with butter and sprinkled with lemon

de l'émincé de volailles

dish prepared with thin slices of poultry

un émincé

a thin slice of meet

la volaille


les légumes ou les accompagnements

the vegetables or the side-dishes

des frites

French fries

des pommes dauphines

deep fried balls of mashed potatoes with or without puff pastry dough

des tomates provençales

tomatoes cut in half and cooked in pan with herbs garlic, and possibly bread crumbs

de le poêlée de légumes

vegetable stir-fri (literally a pan full of vegetables)

du riz


des brocolis

broccoli florets (often plural in the French perspective)

des champignons


de l'épinard à la crème

creamed spinach

des pâtes

pasta noodles (this is plural in the French perspective)

les autres accompagnements

the other side dishes (usually at the end of the meal)

de la salade


du fromage


un choix de yaourt

choice of yogurt

les desserts


des fruits


la galette des rois

Kings' cake for Epiphany

de la compote biscuits

compote is cooked fruit like applesauce, biscuit is a type of cookie

du liégeois

a type of pudding covered with whipped cream

de la compote de fruits

fruit cooked in sauce pan with a bit of water over low heat

de l'aiguillette de saumon

slices of salmon

de l'andouillette

pork sausage in pig intestines

un pavé de dinde mariné

chicken cutlet

une brochette

shish kabob

du hachi parmentier

Chinese pie

une fricadelle

breaded sausage from northern France cooked in oil

de la courgette à la romaine

roman style zucchini

du fromage blanc

yogurt like fresh cheese

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