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The basic purpose of tort law is to:

provide remedies for the invasion of protected interests.

If you are falsely imprisoned, you are:

confined or restrained by another person intentionally and without justification.

If Sal sends Max a high-priority e-mail message telling Max that his wife has just died, when in fact Sal knows this is untrue, Max may be able to sue Sal for:

infliction of emotional distress.

Which of the following is not an element of the tort of fraudulent misrepresentation?

A lack of intent to cause reliance on the misrepresentation.

Which of the following would not constitute trespass to land?

With permission, you walk across your neighbor's land.

Slander of quality is also known as:

trade libel.

If a dentist violates his or her duty of care to you by negligently cracking two of your teeth, you may be able to sue the dentist for:


Which of the following is a defense to a negligence claim?

Assumption of risk

Res ipsa loquitur means:

"the facts speak for themselves."

One of the legal difficulties posed by defamatory remarks made online is that:

it is difficult to learn the identity the person who made the defamatory remarks.

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