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Literature - The Treasure of Lemon Brown

What is Greg's main problem at the beginning of the story?
A) Greg's father wants him to get a good education.
B) Greg is allowed to play high school basketball.
C) Greg is failing math and is allowed to play ball with the Community Center.
D) Greg's father says he cannot play ball because he is failing math.
The setting of the story is−
A) a rainy night in Harlem
B) early morning in a southern city
C) a blues club in the 1940s
D) afternoon in the school gymnasium
What or who is Greg looking for when he leaves his house?
A) Lemon Brown
B) A way to get into the old tenement
C) Lemon Brown's treasure
D) His math tutor
Why is Lemon Brown in the tenement building?
A) He is hiding from robbers.
B) He is waiting for Greg.
C) He is homeless.
D) He is practicing his harmonica.
Lemon Brown says he gave up the blues because−
A) singing is foolishness
B) he can't sing well anymore
C) hard times caught up with him
D) he gave his harmonica to his son
in an uncertain or hesitant way
searching or investigating
with close attention
promptus, means "readiness"
tentare, meaning "to touch, try"
intedere, meaning "to stretch out for, aim at"
probare, meaning "to test, prove"
ominosus, meaning "of a sign, omen"
Which statement is an example of internal conflict?
A) "Greg went to the window and saw three men, neighborhood thugs, on the stoop."
B) "He stood to go upstairs, thought of the lecture that probably awaited him...and started walking down the street instead."
C) "Throw down your money, old man, so I won't have to bash your head in."
D) "When they reached the front door, the old man looked out first, saw the street was clear, and told Greg to scoot on home."
There is conflict between Lemon Brown and three men because−
A) Lemon Brown owes the men money
B) the men decide to beat up Lemon Brown
C) Lemon Brown breaks into an empty house
D) the men want Lemon Brown's treasure
Which event marks the climax of the story, when the outcome of Greg's conflict with his father is decided?
A) Lemon Brown and Greg scare away the bad boys.
B) Greg makes the decision to go home to face his father.
C) Lemon Brown shows Greg his treasure.
D) Lemon Brown's son Jesse is killed in the war.
Lemon Brown shares his heritage with Greg by−
A) giving Greg his harmonica and newspaper clippings
B) showing Greg photographs of Jesse
C) explaining what his treasure means to him and his son
D) fighting to defend his treasure
Why did Lemon Brown want his son to have his treasure?
A) The treasure represented what Brown had done and gave his son hope.
B) The items had been collected by Lemon Brown's wife.
C) The treasure was a reminder of hard times.
D) His son was going to war, and Brown wanted his son to remember him.
Which of the following is the best sumamry of the story?
A) Greg wants to be on the school basketball team, but he doesn't play well enough. So, after talking to Lemon Brown, he decides to work harder.
B) Greg wants to play basketball, but his father won't let him. So, Greg runs away to get back at him.
C) Greg wants to play basketball, but his father wants him to improve his grades. Lemon Brown's story helps Greg better understand his dad.
D) Greg is more interested in basketball than academics. When he meets Lemon Brown, he realizes he needs to go to school to be successful.
On a separate sheet of paper, write one or two paragraphs summarizing how Greg's conversation with Lemon Brown makes Greg want to resolve his conflict with his father. Use events from the story in your summary.