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Background Removal

A command that removes unwanted portions of a picture so that the picture does not appear as a self-contained rectangle.


A single media file, for example art, sound, animation, or a movie.


A command that reduces the size of a picture by removing vertical or horizontal edges.

Crosshair pointer

A pointer that indicates that you can draw a shape.

Fill color

The inside color of text or of an object.

Ruler guides

Dotted vertical and horizontal lines that display in the rulers indicating the pointer's position.


Lines, arrows, stars, banners, ovals, rectangles, and other basic shapes with which you can illustrate an idea, a process, or a workflow.

SmartArt graphic

A visual representation of information that you can create by choosing from among many different layouts to communicate your message or ideas effectively.

SmartArt styles

Combinations of formatting effects that you can apply to SmartArt graphics.

Text box

An object within which you can position text anywhere on a slide.


A gallery of text styles with which you can create decorative effects, such as shadowed or mirrored text.

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