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TIzz Wednesday Jan 18


Contains the pathway for semen or urine to leave the body.


Produces male sex cell, sperm.


Holds testes (2) outside of the body at a lower temperature required for sperm production.

Vas Deferens

Tube connecting testes and prostate, sperm travel thru it

Seminal Vesicles

Produces and adds liquid to sperm to help it swim or power the sperm because liquid contains a small amount of sugar to fuel sperm.


Regulates whether semen or urine goes thru the urethra and out of the body.


Passageway from prostate thru penis and out of the body. Semen or urine pass thru it.

Ovary (2)

Place where all of female's eggs are stored. Eggs mature and are released from an ovary. They take turn releasing an egg.

Fallopian Tube

A path from an ovary to the uterus.


Where the fertilized egg develops.


The passageway from the uterus to the outside of the body. Semen enter and baby exits here. Also called "Birth Canal"

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