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AP Compsci A

de morgan's laws
!(a && b) is the same as !a || !b
de morgan's laws
!(a || b) is the same as !a && !b
short-circuit evaluation
In a logical expression, if the value of the first operand is sufficient to determine the result, then the second is not evaluated.
mechanism that ensures that the correct method is called for an object disguised as a more generic type.
built-in interface used for designating objects that can be compared in some way
int compareTo(T other)
sole method specified by java.lang.Comparable<T>
boolean equals(Object x)
Object instance method that is used to determine whether two objects are the same
sequential search
type of array search where elements are checked one by one in order until a value is found
binary search
type of array search used (with specific implementations) for already sorted arrays
selection sort
array sorting algorithm - start at n and iterate down to 2 for k, swapping the kth element with the largest of the remaining
insertion sort
array sorting algorithm - start at 2 and iterate for k up to n, inserting the kth element in its appropriate position
recursive sorting algorithm - divide the array into two equal halves and sort each half, then merge them back together
recursive sorting algorithm - choose a pivot element, then rearrange each side so that those elements less than the pivot are to the left and greater are to the right; then, sort (recursively)