Test 4

19 terms by hillarybendert

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weather and climate

Many clouds have a high albedo and therefore tend to _______.
a. absorb sunlight
b. reflect sunlight
c. transmit sunlight
d. radiate sunlight

b. reflect sunlight

Which cloud type is best described as sheets or layers that cover all or all of the sky?
a. cumulus
b. cirrus
c. stratus
d. alto

c. stratus

Which clouds are often associated with thunder and lightning?
a. cirrostratus
b. altostratus
c. cumulonimbus
d. nimbostratus

c. cumulonimbus

Which force generates wind?
a. the Coriolis effect
b. gravity
c. pressure differences
d. friction

c. pressure differences

What is the lower layer of the atmosphere?
a. thermosphere
b. troposphere
c. stratosphere
d. mesosphere

b. troposphere

A metal spoon becomes hot after being left on a pan of boiling water. This is an example of ______.
a. convection
b. conduction
c. radiation
d. reflection

b. conduction

Which of the following is not a force that influences wind?
a. Coriolis effect
b. magnetic field
c. pressure gradient
d. friction

b. magnetic field

Which cloud type consists of globular cloud masses with a puffy structure?
a. cumulus
b. cirrus
c. stratus
d. alto

a. cumulus

Which phenomenon is associated with the surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific that are colder than average?
a. La Nina
b. El Nino
c. global warming
d. local winds

a. la nina

Tornadoes are most frequent from _____.
a. January to March
b. April to June
c. October to December
d. July to August

b. April to June

The region surrounding the eye of the hurricane has the _____.
a. highest wind speeds
b. warmest temperatures
c. most intense rainfall
d. highest air pressure

a. highest wind speeds

In the Northern Hemisphere, winds associated with a low-pressure system blow _____.
a. counterclockwise toward the center
b. clockwise toward the center
c. clockwise outward from the center
d. counterclockwise outward from the center

a. counterclockwise toward the center

On a weather map, which type of front is shown by a line with triangular points on one side?
a. warm
b. cold
c. stationary
d. occluded

b. cold

The center of the tornado is characterized by its ____.
a. very high pressure
b. eye wall
c. low pressure
d. sinking air

c. low pressure

Which of the following is not associated with upwelling?
a. increased nutrients at the ocean's surface
b. increased plankton population
c. vertical water movements
d. horizontal water movement

d. horizontal water movements

Orographic lifting is associated with _____.
a. mountains
b. rivers
c. flat plains
d. fronts

a. mountains

A cold, dry air mass that moves over warm, tropical waters will likely become ______.
a. colder and drier
b. warmer and drier
c. colder and wetter
d. warmer and wetter

d. warmer and wetter

What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
a. oxygen
b. nitrogen
c. carbon dioxide
d. hydrogen

b. nitrogen

The mature stage of a thunderstorm is associated with which of the following?
a. downdrafts
b. heavy precipitation
c. updrafts
d. both b and c

d. both b and c
(heavy precipitation and updrafts)

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