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A(n) _____ specialty, pictorial needlework, gained such fame that it came to be called _____.
A) Italian; buon fresco
B) Sienese; giornata
C) French; sinopia
D)English; opus anglicanum

ANSWER: D. (English; opus anglicanum

In Nirthern Europe, particularly Germany, devotional images hich depict Mary mourning her dead son, Jesus, are known as _____.
A) Chasubles
B) Predellas
C) Vestments
D) Vesperbild

ANSWER: D (Vesperbild)

_____ was the patron saint of painters.
A) Saint Francis of Assissi
B) Saint Dominic
C) Saint Luke
D) Saint Mark

ANSWER: C (Saint Luke)

What theme was most popular for the narrative images decorating personal luxury items such as small chests, mirror backs and combs
A) The passion of Christ
B) Courtly Romance
C) The joys and sorrows of the Virgin
D) Life in the city and country

ANSWER: B (Courtly romance)

What factor contributed to the mystical religiosity in Germany during the 14 century that inspired images emphasizing both ecstatic joy and extreme suffering?
A) The Plague (the Black Death)
B) The Hundred Year's War
C) The fall of the Holy Roman Empire
D) All of the above

ANSWER: A (The Plague)

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