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  1. where does chemical digestion occur
  2. lysome
  3. pepsin
  4. mitochondrion
  5. where else peristalsis occurs
  1. a Enzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach
  2. b the powerhouse of the cell. 90% of cells energy is generated here
  3. c mouth, stomach and 1st part of small intestine
  4. d spherical organelles that contain digestive enzymes
  5. e small and large intestines

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  1. has a cell wall, large vacuole and chloroplasts
  2. stores solid waste (poop)
  3. manufacture proteins
  4. enzyme in saliva in the mouth that breaks down carbohydrates
  5. mouth and stomach

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  1. golgistacks of membraneous sacks where the molecules are packaged for export from the cell


  2. main function of the large intestines iswater is removed and feces (poop) is formed


  3. main function of the esophagus isproteins start disgestion


  4. chloroplastall the area outside the nucleus


  5. nucleuscontrol center of the cell