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  1. main function of the esophagus is
  2. diffusion
  3. animal cell
  4. main function of he mouth is
  5. peristalsis
  1. a the movement of particles from higher concentration to areas of lower concentration
  2. b small vacuole and centriole
  3. c moves food to the stomach
  4. d starts carbohydrate digestion
  5. e process by which food moves down the esophagus

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  1. proteins start disgestion
  2. water is removed and feces (poop) is formed
  3. enzyme in saliva in the mouth that breaks down carbohydrates
  4. the powerhouse of the cell. 90% of cells energy is generated here
  5. manufacture proteins

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  1. chemical digestionsite of photosynthesis


  2. where does chemical digestion occurmouth, stomach and 1st part of small intestine


  3. centrioleplays important role in cell division


  4. plant cellsmall vacuole and centriole


  5. where does mechanical/physical digestion occurmouth and stomach