20 terms

Environmental - Chapter 3

The universe is made of -
Energy can be classified as either _____ or _____ energy.
kinetic or potential
energy stored in chemicals such as food and fuel is called _____ energy?
one example of a unit of energy is -
entropy is a measure of the degree of _____ in system.
which of the following represents an abiotic component of a forest community?
water trickling along a small stream
in a chemical reaction -
atoms are rearranged to form different kinds of matter
take a big breath of air. you have mostly just inhaled -
living organisms draw their essential elements from -
the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere
sometimes people say that plants make make energy from the sun. however, plants make sugars using sunlight. stating that plants make energy is actually -
a violation of the first law of thermodynamics
the tendency of a home or dorm room to become increasingly messy generally reflects -
an increase in entropy
fill in the blank:
list 3 of the 6 key elements that are found in living things-
1) nitrogen
2) oxygen
3) hydrogen
kinetic energy is energy in -
potential energy is energy -
that is stored
give one of the reasons why nutrient recycling (the cycling of matter) is necessary -
it maintains an equal level of sustainability - so one thing does not run out.
energy does not have mass or occupy space.
energy is neither created or destroyed
systems will move spontaneously toward higher or maximum order or potential energy.
write out the complete formula for photosynthesis below:
6Co2 + 12 H20 yields C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O
choose one of the following nutrient cycles we discussed in class: the carbon cycle, the phosphorous cycle, or the nitrogen cycle.
either describe how the particular element is cycled in the ecosystem or sketch a diagram of the cycle and describe various parts.
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