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  1. Predicate
  2. Subordinate Conjunction
  3. Periodic Sentence
  4. Argument from ignorance
  5. Polysyndeton
  1. a Makes an independent clause into a dependent clause. (because, since, which, if, when, although)
  2. b consecutive coordinating conjunctions when they are not needed, "He was overwhelmed, as if by a tsunami, and by the fishes, and by the seaweed, and by the salt spray from the heavens."
  3. c a sentence with several dependent clauses that precede the independent clause
  4. d Arguing something is true because its never been proven false. There are no aliens, etc.
  5. e formal term of verb that conveys meaning or carries action "the fair maiden AWAKENED"

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  1. Direct address to someone not present. Nearly always pathos. "O eloquent, just, and mighty Death!"
  2. Repetition of word or phrase at beginning of lines, sentences, etc. "I will fight..., I will fight..."
  3. Adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence "the gigantic whirlpool was INKY black"
  4. similar to chiasmus. "common sense is not so common", "The demon descended in a crowd toward a village now afraid of the demon"
  5. Creates an exaggeration by showing restraint. The opposite of a hyperbole

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  1. False dilemmaEither/or fallacy aka the fallacy of the excluded middle. "There are only two options in gun control: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."


  2. ParticipleA verb that is used as an adjective and ends in -ing or -ed.


  3. SyntaxOmission of conjunctions from a series of related clauses. "All the orcs ate food, broke the dishes, trashed the hall, beat the dogs to the shower."


  4. AppositiveNoun phrase that modifies noun next to it. "The dragon, a large creature with glittering scales, bit.."


  5. EllipsisAn appeal to reason, logic of an argument.