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  1. Red Herring
  2. Ellipsis
  3. Connotation
  4. False analogy
  5. Zeugma
  1. a Argument using an inappropriate metaphor. To help understand one thing in an argument we compare it to something else that is not at all relevant.
  2. b three dots indicating words have been left out. The engine revved...
  3. c Combination of two or more elements in a sentence by use of a verb or noun. "She dashed his hopes and out of his life when she walked through the door."
  4. d Associations or moods with certain words that can either be negative, positive, or neutral. Deals with author's tone and intention to choose certain diction.
  5. e Argument that distracts the reader by raising irrelevant issues. Too many suspects in a murder mystery

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  1. Introducing a character or person suggesting that he is not at all reliable before the listener knows anything about him.
  2. Author alters diction, syntax, or both.
  3. Own vocabulary or pattern of speech for a particular group
  4. Speaker states a claim that includes a word or phrase that needs better definition. "Because of these extreme conditions, I need..." WHAT MAKES THE CONDITIONS EXTREME?!
  5. Creates an exaggeration by showing restraint. The opposite of a hyperbole

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  1. Logosan appeal to emotion


  2. anadiplosisthe last word of the clause begins the next clause. Ex "The Furies pursued the men. The men.."


  3. GerundWords used to express something other than and often the opposite of the literal meaning. Verbal-contrast between what is said and what is meant. Situational-contrast between what happens and what was expected. Dramatic-contrast between what the character thinks and what the reader knows.


  4. ParticipleA verb that is used as an adjective and ends in -ing or -ed.


  5. ApostropheDirect address to someone not present. Nearly always pathos. "O eloquent, just, and mighty Death!"


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