15 terms

SS Vocab 7.8.2

Italy's leading cultural center during the Renaissance, center of banking
An Italian trading city on the Ariatic Sea, agreed to help the Byzantines' effort to regain the lands in return for trading privileges in Constantinople.
Black Death
An outbreak of bubonic plague that spread across Asia, North Africa, and Europe in the mid-fourteenth century killing millions.
Silk Road
This caravan route started in China and ended at the Mediterranean Sea
Marco Polo
(1254-1324) Italian trader, he traveled to China and later wrote about his trip. During his time in China he served as a government official in Kublai Khan's court
Papal States
Some of the the most important Renaissance city-states in central Italy that included Rome and were ruled by the Pope.
A type of government where a single rich merchant family controlled the city.
The head of the most powerful family that ruled the city.
A fee that borrowers pay for the use of someone else's money.
Medici family
Thought to be the greatest bankers in Florence, also the richest.
Cosimo de' Medici
By 1434 he became ruler of Florence, the signore of the family that ruled Florence for generations.
Meaning "rebirth," it refers to the period that followed Europe's "Dark Ages" or Middle Ages.
An Italian city known for making weapons and silk.
Florence's wealth came from it's _____________ industry under the Medici Family.
The warm water sea beneath southern Europe that allowed trade year round.