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innovation - noun

something new, a novelty

magnanimous - adj.


precocious - adj.

talented beyond one's age

rancorous - adj.


charlatan - noun

a fake; a fraud

ebullient - adj.

exuberant; high spirited

diverge - verb

to separate; to move apart; to go in a different direction

morose - adj.

sullen; gloomy

obdurate - adj.

unyielding; inflexible

vitreous - adj.

glassy; crystalline

admonish - verb

to warn; to rebuke

resilient - adj

quick to recover

bequeath - verb

to pass on; to hand down

sagacity - noun


illusory - adj.

misleading; deceptive

surmise - verb

to suppose; to guess

opulent - adj.


oracle - noun

soothsayer; prophet

prolific - adj.


fastidious - adj.

picky; critical; hard to please

florid - adj.

flushed; ornate

inadvertently - adj.


hedonist - noun

pleasure seeker

ephemeral - adj.

momentary; fleeting

wary - adj.

watchful; alert

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