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inheritance 2

before the human genome project it was estimated humans had_____genes
after human genome project it was discovered humans had___genes
____involve a single change in a base pair
point mutations
________are classified based on the changes in DNA coding and changes in amino acids
point mutations
in a ____the reading frame is changed
frameshift mutation
different mutations in the same locus=
allelic heterozygosity
multiple genes contribute to the same phenotypic trait
locus heterozygosity
in ____the gene is present but does not manifest
dominant conditions with delayed onset result fom one heritable change and one___change
if the mutation occured in the germ cell of the mother than it is called a
germline mutation
the appearance of a genetic mutation with no family history is a
new mutation
imprinting of genes occurs during
segments of dna that are shared by related members of a population and contain specific polymorphism that are predicted by nucleotide polymorphisms
population specific compilations of the halotypes found in specific population
nonrandom occurence of genetic markers with a trait
genomic association
common cause of gastroenteritis=