Human Sexuality: Chapter 13


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Tami is concerned about getting breast cancer because two of her close female relatives have been diagnosed with the disease. Which of the following factors would be an additional risk factor for Tami?
Umberto wants to find the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Understanding human sexuality, your best suggestion is that he use:
his own fantasy life coupled with a positive self image and an interested partner.
Women with spinal cord damage:
continue to be fertile and are able to bear children.
Enlargement of the prostate gland:
is a normal process of aging for men.
Effects of menopause often include all of the following EXCEPT:
increased vaginal lubrication.
According to the APA, eating disorders are:
treatable medical illnesses.
Diane is 15 and is sexually active. Kelly is 22 and has never had sexual intercourse. Who should have a Pap test?
both Diane and Kelly
How does binge eating disorder differ from bulimia?
Bulimia, but not binge eating disorder, is characterized by purging.
The one thing that all cancers have in common is that they:
are the result of aberrant behavior of cells.
In women, anabolic steroids can cause:
excessive hair growth and acne.
Alcohol consumption is likely to increase all of the following EXCEPT:
sexual performance.
According to the text, what is required for sexual health to be attained and maintained?
respect, protection, and fulfillment of all persons' sexual rights
Kimberly is obsessively preoccupied with food and lives in a perpetual struggle with her hunger pangs in her relentless pursuit of excessive thinness. Although, at 5'6", she weighs only 90 lbs, she believes she is overweight. Kimberly suffers from:
anorexia nervosa.
Findings from the Women's Health Initiative study suggest that, when compared with a placebo, the combination of estrogen and progestin resulted in decreased risk of:
colorectal cancer.
The highest number of deaths among men diagnosed with cancer is from:
lung cancer.
Only women get breast cancer.
About 50% of men over age 50 experience an enlargement of their prostate gland.
Benign tumors are cancerous.
Among the risk factors for breast cancer is having no children or having children later in life.
Studies of college students find that eating disorders are more likely to occur among athletes than among nonathletes.
A man who has had a spinal cord injury can father a child.
Alcohol increases sexual performance.
Most older women require medical treatment to help them deal with the symptoms of menopause.
Lesbian women are less likely than heterosexual women to seek health care.
People with disabilities still have sexual feelings.
All of the following constitute factors that increase risk for breast cancer EXCEPT
irregular menstrual periods.
In inflammation of the prostate gland is called
Heavy use of the drug "ecstasy" is linked with all of the following effects EXCEPT
Ninety percent of all prostate cancers are detected while they are still in the prostate or nearby area.
Ovarian cancer is the __________-ranked cause of cancer death in women.
A treatment for breast cancer that involves surgical removal of the tumor and some normal tissue around it, usually followed by radiation, is called a
Endometriosis occurs as a result of
uterine tissue growing in surrounding organs.
A major goal in facilitating sexual health among the disabled is learning to
realign previous expectations with actual sexual capacities.
The adverse effects of using anabolic steroids are serious because
some are irreversible and life-threatening.
Who should have a mammogram every year?
women over the age of 40
The sexual rights of people with disabilities include all of the following EXCEPT the right to
free medical care and sex counseling.
Which of the following best describes the central feature of the condition known as anorexia nervosa?
An individual becomes obsessed with pursuing excessive thinness.
The condition involving constant and painful erections associated with LSD use is known as
The lifetime risk of a man for breast cancer is one in _____.
The radical mastectomy is a common treatment for breast cancer today.
In order for a woman to be sexually healthy she must
feel at ease with her body parts.
Over half of diabetic women have fertility problems.
About ___% of quadriplegic men are able to experience orgasm and ejaculation.
The most common form of cancer (excluding skin cancer) among women is cervical cancer.
A person with physical limitations is most likely to be concerned with
a fear of sexual rejection.
Monthly testicular self-examination is the most effective way to prevent testicular cancer.
Symptoms of anorexia must be taken very seriously because
without appropriate intervention, this illness can be life-threatening.
Which of the following is NOT an important goal for enhancing the sex lives of the disabled?
arranging situations and activities so that orgasm can be experienced
What percentage of breast lumps are noncancerous?
Most of the symptoms of menopause are related to the decreased production of testosterone.
Studies on lesbians and breast cancer show
lower rates of breast cancer screening.
A blood test that is effective in diagnosing prostate cancer is the
Anorexia can be construed as an adolescent girl's defense against her female development because
it interferes with breast development, growth spurts, and menstruation.
Which of the following does NOT describe lesbians' experiences with health care?
They are more likely to seek out health care than heterosexual women.
Many men with spinal cord damage are able to have erections.
Reynaldo is usually good-natured and fun-loving. Women enjoy his warmth and sense of humor. After a number of drinks, he becomes verbally abusive, shows poor interpersonal judgment, and becomes very aggressive. This change in behavior is an example of
When Ellen Stohl, a young woman who uses a wheelchair posed for Playboy, many people it was exploitive of disabled people. However, when she was asked why she did it, she mentioned that she wanted to
be seen as a woman and not like a 3-year-old.
A breast self-examination should be performed
What sex-related problem for women can be related to diabetes?
decreased sexual interest and desire
Which of the following is FALSE regarding breast reconstruction after breast cancer?
Silicone implants are never used anymore because they cause immune system diseases.
Which of the following is NOT an indicator of a prostate problem?
high blood pressure
Endometriosis is a rare gynecological disease affecting older women.
Prostate cancer is the most common form of reproductive cancer among men.
What is the most difficult cancer to diagnose in women?
ovarian cancer
Eating-disorder patients often are
fearful of sex.
More than _____% of women will have a hysterectomy in her lifetime.
Substances that supposedly increase sexual desire and improve sexual performance are known as
Which of the following is NOT one of the sexual rights people with disabilities have?
The right to free contraception and birth control.
The eating disorder characterized by binges of overeating and then taking dramatic steps to counteract this, such as purging or the use of diuretics, is called
In a study of 18- to 39-year-olds, which of the following was the most commonly cited drug used to improve sex?
Why does a mastectomy present a particularly difficult problem in terms of female sexual readjustment?
The female breast symbolizes sexuality in our culture, so the loss can be psychologically devastating.
A psychosocial approach to understanding eating disorders emphasizes
that body size may be the only area of control for some young women.
Alcohol enhances the physiological processes that lead to sexual arousal.
An absence of menstruation in a post-pubescent female is known as
How can arthritis potentially affect sexual activity?
Painful joints may preclude certain sexual positions or movements.
The major problem associated with sexual activity after a heart attack is the
fear that sexual excitement will cause another heart attack.
All of the following factors increase the risk of ovarian cancer EXCEPT
multiple pregnancies.
The most common diagnostic procedure to detect cervical cancer is the
Pap smear or test.
Anorexia sufferers are obsessively preoccupied with food.
A person with binge eating disorder usually eats because he or she is
sufferers spend inordinate amounts of money on clothing of a smaller and smaller size.
Women with anorexia have more sexual dysfunctions than women with normal eating patterns, and they also
are self-critical of their attractiveness and less interested in sex.
When you first met Melissa, she had a fashionably thin body. You see her a year later and she looks skeleton-like, and she is wearing a heavy sweater even though it is a mild day. Despite that she has obviously lost quite a bit of weight, she appears to be preoccupied with food and eats very little. It seems likely that Melissa is suffering from
African American men are at the greatest risk of getting testicular cancer.
Silicone breast implants are no longer on the market because they were found to cause autoimmune disorders.
In men, diabetes contributes to
erectile dysfunction.
Sexual health is
biological function, behavior, body awareness, and acceptance.
An oophorectomy often results in decreased libido because the
lack of testosterone decreases women's overall libido or sex drive.
Fibrocystic disease is a breast cancer in its early stages.
All forms of cancer
are caused by aberrant cell behavior.
Women in some areas of the world are subject to female genital mutilation to increase their fertility.
According to the American Psychiatric Association, the two types of anorexia nervosa are ______________ and _________________.
restricting; binge eating/purging
The effect of marijuana upon sexual interactions
depends on one's expectations.
Sexual health is defined as an absence of disease or debilitation.
What sex-related problems are often associated with diabetes?
None of the above.
Binge eating disorder differs from bulimia in that
binge eating disorders do not involve purging.
Which one of the following statements about the sexuality of the disabled is CORRECT?
With proper information and sexual self-esteem, the disabled can have good sex lives.
Addiction to _____________ has led to the widespread practice of bartering sex for this drug.
A recent study regarding lesbians and breast cancer concluded that lesbians
were not at increased risk for breast cancer.
In a recent British study of British women, out of every 100,000 women, ____ deaths could be prevented by annual Pap tests.
Which of the following is TRUE about the relationship between breast cancer and breast implants?
There is no relationship between breast implants and the risks of breast cancer.
Infectious prostatitis is generally caused by
Women with a family history of breast cancer have the same breast cancer risk as women without a family history of breast cancer.
Women with spinal cord injuries generally do not
experience orgasm.
Which of the following does NOT describe the clinical relationship between eating disorders and sexuality?
People with eating disorders often have bizarre sexual preferences.
Lesbians may be at a higher risk for health-related difficulties because they tend to visit the doctor less often.
Endometriosis is caused by
The exact cause is unknown.
The most common way to treat breast cancer is a
A person who has already had one heart attack has the same risk of having a heart attack during sex as the general public.
Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by
a bacteria.
Excluding skin cancer, which form of cancer is the most common among women?
A recent study cited in your text found that 70% of women were dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts.
The symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome include all of the following EXCEPT
abdominal pain.
Most breast lumps are cancerous.
The most important risk factor for cervical cancer is infection by the human papillomavirus.
Which of the following is sometimes associated with having an eating disorder?
a history of sexual abuse
Surgical removal of a lump from the breast is known as a mastectomy.
In ___% of testicular cancer cases, the man had a lump in a testicle or noticed that the testicle was swollen.
Which of the following statements about people with developmental disabilities is CORRECT?
Some developmentally disabled individuals can marry and rear children with little assistance.
Amenorrhea, hypothermia, and self-starvation are all possible symptoms of anorexia.
What effect does physical health have on sexuality?
People who are not in good physical health are likely to feel less sexual.
Breast implants are pouches filled with
saline or silicone solution.
According to recent research, what is the relationship between alcohol and sexual risk- taking among college students?
Alcohol is only one component of overall risk-taking behavior.