The "Classical Era" In the west

18 terms by macosta97pr

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Empire in SW Asia created by Cyrus the Great and destroyed by Alex. the Great


an ancient Greek city famous for military powers


a city-state in ancient Greece, The birthplace of democracy


government by the people


temple in Athens built to honor the goddess Athena


Greek philosopher; socratic method-questioning


A Greek Philosopher, Student of Plato, tutor of Alexander the Great


Calculated the circumference of the Earth.


Greek scientist, inventor, and mathematician


birthplace of the republic and senate


a system of gov... where leaders are elected by citizens to pass laws

Alexander the Great

Conquered and ruled an empire stretching from Macedonia to the Indus Valley


lower class, usually small farmers


the wealthy class in Roman society; landowners

"Rule of Law"

no one is above the law

Twelve Tablets

Roman law code

Pax Romana

a period of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire, lasting from 27 B.C. to A.D. 180


a monotheistic system of beliefs based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ

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