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  1. inscribe
  2. couplet
  3. omniscient narrator
  4. undersell
  5. foresight
  1. a `power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen
  2. b write, engrave, or print to create a lasting record
  3. c sees and knows everything within the story. tells the reader things that the characters do not know, things that no human could ever know, knows thoughts and feelings of all the characters, in the third person point of view
  4. d to sell at a lower price
  5. e a two line stanza

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  1. ancestors
  2. bad act
  3. hanging over one's head; threatening; about to occur; impending
  4. domineering over others
  5. cut out

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  1. extraneouscoming from or existing outside


  2. implicateassigned date after the true date


  3. unquenchablewrite, engrave, or print to create a lasting record


  4. postdateperson that has suddenly risen to wealth or power


  5. forebodingdomineering over others