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  1. undersell
  2. adherent
  3. implicate
  4. upstart
  5. foreboding
  1. a faithful supporter
  2. b person that has suddenly risen to wealth or power
  3. c show to be part of or connected with
  4. d to sell at a lower price
  5. e feeling before hand

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  1. speaking out freely
  2. hobby
  3. "foot", two syllables
  4. a story based on a deal with the devil that involves an exchange of a character's soul for worldly possessions
  5. assigned date after the true date

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  1. overbearingfeeling before hand


  2. antecedentancestors


  3. aphorismshort sayings with a message


  4. apostropheassigned date after the true date


  5. frame storya literary work in which characters, objects, and events represents abstract qualities and ideas