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States, capitals, landforms, waterways, industry and agriculture


the plateau between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains: parts of Virginia and North and South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama

fall line

a boundary in the eastern United States where the higher land of the Piedmont drops to the lower Atlantic coastal plain

Appalachian mountains

A mountain range that stretches from eastern Canada south to Alabama.

Mississippi river

longest and biggest river in US that has its source in the Minnesota & its mouth in Louisiana

Chesapeake bay

-largest estuary (section of a river meeting the sea) in the United States. It lies off the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Maryland and Virginia.


capital of Virginia


capital of North Carolina


capital of South Carolina


capital of Mississippi


Capital of Georgia

Charleston, SC

The place where Fighting broke out to start the Civil war between the North and the South.


the capital of West Virginia


the capital of Kentucky


capital of Tennessee


Capital of Alabama


Capital of Florida

Mobile Bay

An area along the Alabama coast where there is a lot of off-shore oil drilling

Okefenokee Swamp

a large swampy area of northeast Florida and southeast Georgia


a huge wetland that covers most of southern Florida

Ozark Mountains

an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma

Dismal Swamp

Name of swamp that was part of the border between Virginia and Carolina

Florida Keys

Chain of small islands located off the Southern coast of Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

Roanoke Island

Island off the coast of North Carolina, site of England's first attempt at a permanent settlement in the Americas, known as the "Lost Colony"

New Orleans

crucial port on Mississippi River for shipping farm products


First permanent English settlement in North America

Cape Canaveral

The site in Florida where the space shuttle is launched

Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Former British Colonies in the southeastern states


Leading producer of peaches and peanuts


Leading producer of oranges


Leading state in the breeding of horses


sections of a waterway with closed gates where water levels are raised and lowered.


Fuel source that is mined in the mountains of West Virginia


Descendants from French settlers in Canada from a colony called Acadia. Acadians were forced out by the British and fled to Louisiana were they settled.


a small shellfish farmed and raised in the same flooded fields used to grow rice.


type of tree with roots that grow in saltwater; found in tropical coastal areas around the world

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