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  1. Ozark Mountains
  2. lockes
  3. Raleigh
  4. Coal
  5. Florida Keys
  1. a sections of a waterway with closed gates where water levels are raised and lowered.
  2. b an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma
  3. c Chain of small islands located off the Southern coast of Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
  4. d capital of North Carolina
  5. e Fuel source that is mined in the mountains of West Virginia

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  1. capital of Tennessee
  2. the capital of West Virginia
  3. Leading state in the breeding of horses
  4. Name of swamp that was part of the border between Virginia and Carolina
  5. Capital of Georgia

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  1. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, GeorgiaFormer British Colonies in the southeastern states


  2. Charleston, SCThe place where Fighting broke out to start the Civil war between the North and the South.


  3. Roanoke IslandIsland off the coast of North Carolina, site of England's first attempt at a permanent settlement in the Americas, known as the "Lost Colony"


  4. GeorgiaLeading producer of oranges


  5. Richmondcapital of Virginia