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  1. Account
  2. file maintenace
  3. Fiscal period
  4. bank statement
  5. Check
  1. a A business form ordering a bank to pay cash from a bank account
  2. b The procedure for arranging accounts in a general ledger, assigning account numbers, and keeping recoreds currant.
  3. c a report of deposits, withdrawals, and bank balances sent to a depositor by a bank
  4. d a record summarizing all the information pertaining to a single item in the accounting equation
  5. e length of time for which a business summarizes and reports financial information

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  1. a business owned by one person
  2. assets= liabilities + owner's equity
  3. The difference between total revenue and total expenses when total revenue is greater
  4. Information for each transaction recorded in a journal
  5. financial reports that summarize the financial condition and operations of a business

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  1. Work sheeta financial statement that reports assets, liabilities, and owner's equity on a specific date


  2. postingtransferring information from a journal entry to a ledger account


  3. journalizingRecording transactions in a journal


  4. Checking accountA list of accounts used by a business


  5. Chart of accounta sale for which cash will be received at a later date