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  1. Inspiration
  2. Fathers of the Church
  3. Magisterium
  4. Cannon of Bible
  5. Synoptic Gospel
  1. a guidance given to the human authors of scripture to write what God wants
  2. b Mark Matthew and Luke's gospels- they are similar and parallel
  3. c official lists of the inspired books of the Bible. 46 Old Testamnt and 27 New
  4. d official teaching authority of Church that resides with the peope and bishopes
  5. e title given to the early Curch theologians whose teachings have had lasting significance to the Church

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  1. generic term for variety of pre and early Chrisitian heresies that tought that salvation rests on secret knowlege
  2. term dealing with end of times- death, heaven, hell
  3. process of religious instruction and formation in the major elements of Catholic faith
  4. when God makes known the mystery of his divine plan ex. Jesus
  5. study of genes or ancestors/record of ancestors

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  1. Lordtitle for Jesus that names him God


  2. DogmaChurch teaching or doctrine


  3. Phylacteryname for the Holy Spirit


  4. Testamenttranslation of the Bible by 70 Greeks


  5. Pentecost"birthday of Christ" when the Holy Spirit was revealed to the Church(apostles)


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