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  1. Gnoticism
  2. Divine Revelation
  3. Lord
  4. Apologist
  5. Evangalist
  1. a title for Jesus that names him God
  2. b when God makes known the mystery of his divine plan ex. Jesus
  3. c person who proclaims the good news of Christ. ex. Matt Mark Luke and John
  4. d defender of Christianity and Church who tries to show the reasonableness of faith
  5. e generic term for variety of pre and early Chrisitian heresies that tought that salvation rests on secret knowlege

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  1. translation of the Bible by 70 Greeks
  2. 71 memebr judicial body of Jews
  3. stoy involving a sustained comparrison in which people, thing, and events represent something else
  4. core teaching about Jesus as the Savior and the Lord
  5. common language shared by many people

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  1. Pentateuchnames for the first 5 books of the Old Testament


  2. Testamenttranslation of the Bible by 70 Greeks


  3. Transfigurationguidance given to the human authors of scripture to write what God wants


  4. Synoptic GospelMark Matthew and Luke's gospels- they are similar and parallel


  5. Midrashrelates past scriptural events to passages in the Gospels where Jesus tells his apostles to not reveal his identity