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  1. Allegory
  2. Testament
  3. Assumption
  4. Helenist
  5. Ascention
  1. a Greek speaking Christians
  2. b stoy involving a sustained comparrison in which people, thing, and events represent something else
  3. c Jesus' humanity entered heaven 40 days after his Ressurection
  4. d reception of Mary's body into heaven
  5. e "covenant" an open ended contract between God and humans

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  1. St. Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible into common language
  2. divine teaching revealed to Judaism. Foundation of Jewish religion and found in Pentatuch
  3. title given to the early Curch theologians whose teachings have had lasting significance to the Church
  4. title for Jesus that names him God
  5. members of the ancient Jew sect noted for strict obediance to Jewish traditions

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  1. Pentecost"birthday of Christ" when the Holy Spirit was revealed to the Church(apostles)


  2. Catechesisprocess of religious instruction and formation in the major elements of Catholic faith


  3. Immaculate Conceptionwhen God became man by sending Jesus to teach, live and die with us


  4. DogmaChurch teaching or doctrine


  5. Eschatologystudy of genes or ancestors/record of ancestors