Vocab List 7

12 terms by cdwscout

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With a side glance; with a look of mistrust, jealousy, or disapproval.


To sop short and refuse to go on; to render impossible of accomplishment by some obstacle or hindrance.


Involved in intellectual or moral darkness.


Showing despicable cowardice.


Weak-mindedness, especially from old age; foolish affection, excessive fondness.


To ravage in search of spoils.


One who or that which goes before and announces the coming of something.


Easily or gracefully bent; pliant.


To lose courage or heart; to shrink from in fear; to cower.


A feeling of doubt, fear or uneasiness; a pang of conscience.


To cast off; shed; discard as unwanted.


To grant or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner; permit.

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