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World History test

limited monarchy
government in which limits are set on a ruler's powers-as in England
Absolute Monarchy
government where monarchy/ruler has complete power-as in france
the divisions in German lands after the break up of Charlamagne's Empire; they were lands ruled by Dukes.
Domesday Book
the first census and a record of property of English people for the purpose of taxation
Bayu Taperstry
records the history of the Norman Conquest
Tower of London
built as a fortress by William the Conqueror near the Thames River; built in 1078
Emperor of Roman
in 962 Otto I was crowned, _____, by the Pope
the Church Council that is made of a group of clergymen responsibe for selecting the pope. this was created to end political involvement if appointments of Popes
Power the Pope has to remove emperor for the throne
to expel someone from the church
holding beliefs the church considers wrong
a Church court that searched for suspected heretics and put them on trial
monks who did not live in the monasteries but wandered amoung the people preaching, begging, and doing good works
people oustide the the clergy who organized a religious order that carried out the policies of the the Pope
500 year struggle to regain Spain from the Muslims
course of study
medival philospers
Thomas Aquinas
13th century Scholastic; member of the Dominican order of Monks, said both reason and Christian teachings came from God
Roger Bacon
1214-1294-great medival scienst; English monk philosopher, said thinks were neglecting science, he predicted boats without oars and airplanes
attempt to predict events on earth by looking at the movement of stars and planets
search for magic formulas that would turn lead into gold
mortality play
character represent human virtues
in your own local language
oldest literary work in a vernacular language based on Danish legend, 1st written in 700's in Anglos-saxon