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  1. circumnavigate
  2. reparations
  3. chivalry
  4. sanctions
  5. congress of vienna
  1. a meeting of the european powers after the defeat of napolean which tried to restore order in europe
  2. b the ideal of civilized behavior that devolved among the nobility; was a code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold
  3. c restrictions on the sale of certain goods with the intent to enforce international law
  4. d payment for war damages
  5. e go around

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  1. slaves -> new world
  2. living space
  3. good conduct and moral behavior
  4. shift in an economy based on agriculture and handmade products to an economy based on manufacturing by machines in factories
  5. series of acts passed by congress in 1937 which prohibited the US from trading with any belligerent nation - any nation at war

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  1. thirty years war second causeFrance joined the war on the side of the Protestants in order to keep the Catholic Hapsburg family, which was supported by Spain, from getting too much power.


  2. armisticetemporary agreement to stop fighting


  3. plebeiansgreat landowners, who became rome's ruling class


  4. Organization of american states (OAS)called for an end to millitary action by one state in the affairs of any other state


  5. cold warall resources and people go into the war effort