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  1. nuremberg laws
  2. mercantilism
  3. treaty of Versailles
  4. Organization of american states (OAS)
  5. enlightenment
  1. a an 18th century intellectual movement which applied the scientific method to see if there were laws which governed human behavior.
  2. b laws which stripped the jews of their citizenship rights
  3. c peace treaty between the allies and germany which resulted in the near elimination of the german army
  4. d called for an end to millitary action by one state in the affairs of any other state
  5. e the prosperity of a nation depends on maintaining a large gold supply and in maintaining a favorable balance of trade

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  1. The conflict between Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea. The United Nations (led by the United States) helped South Korea.
  2. society agrees to be guided by its general will
  3. less wealthy landowners, craftspeople, merchants, and small farmers were part of a larger group
  4. made it so that not one country gained too much power - england would always side with the weaker power
  5. act which allowed hitler to ignore the constitution for four years

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  1. armisticebuild up of the weapons and armies of the soviet union and the US, but most particularly the build up of nuclear weapons


  2. middle passageliving space


  3. vernacularlanguage of everyday speech in a particular region


  4. thirty years war main causeFrance joined the war on the side of the Protestants in order to keep the Catholic Hapsburg family, which was supported by Spain, from getting too much power.


  5. marshall planthis was the turning point in the war between the germans and the soviets, as a soviet counterattack encircled the german 6ht army and caused a massive surrender of german forces in early 1943