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  1. stalingrad
  2. triangular slave trade
  3. thirty years war effects
  4. philosophy
  5. vietnam war
  1. a a prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the non-communist armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States
  2. b goods -> africa, slaves -> new world, raw materials -> europe
  3. c this was the turning point in the war between the germans and the soviets, as a soviet counterattack encircled the german 6ht army and caused a massive surrender of german forces in early 1943
  4. d France became the leading power in Europe, the German countryside received widespread destruction, and that the Peace of Westphalia stated that German states could determine their own religion (a move that effectively ended the Holy Roman Empire
  5. e organized system of thought, it comes from a term that meant love of wisdom to the greeks

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  1. called for an end to millitary action by one state in the affairs of any other state
  2. a systematic procedure for collecting and analyzing evidence
  3. whereby undesirable politicians could be removed from office if 6000 people wrote their names on ostracons, and the idea of paying office holders in order to allow the poor to serve in public office
  4. the tensions based on the ideological differences between the US and the soviet union
  5. good conduct and moral behavior

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  1. latin americabuild up of the weapons and armies of the soviet union and the US, but most particularly the build up of nuclear weapons


  2. treaty of Versaillespeace treaty between the allies and germany which resulted in the near elimination of the german army


  3. aretenorth atlantic treaty organization - this was a mutual defensive alliance formed in 1949 between the US and its allies around the northern atlantic ocean


  4. plebeiansgreat landowners, who became rome's ruling class


  5. circumnavigatego around