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EIDWS 207: Communication

State the purpose of FCC-100
Multiplexer which supports up to sixteen user interfaces. Supports digital and analog user interfaces which may be mixed as required to meet requirements
State the purpose of the AN/WSC-3
US Navy's standard UHF satellite terminal and Line-Of-Sight (LOS) transceiver. WSC-3 provides a minimum 100W output in FM Link 11 or data modes.
Two modes of WSC-3
Satellite mode of operation: User uplinks/downlinks signal from satellite. Satellite passes information to other users.
Line of Sight mode of operation: Station to station communication via direct RF path
State the purpose of AN/USC-61C (DMR)
AN/USC-61 Digital Modular Radio (DMR) system is based on Wireless Information Transfer technology. It is a software-controlled and reconfigurable digital system designed to allow the US Navy to increase flexibility and provide interoperability among diverse legacy radios while providing a migration path to future upgrades.
Define and explain the concept of DAMA
Demand Assigned Multiple Access. TD-1271B/U Multiplexer (DAMA) is used in the DAMA subsystem and provides time-division multiplexing of several digital data sources over one satellite channel.
Define the following DAMA Operation Modes: AC
AC Mode of operation: Originally identified as "Auto-DAMA," the control system for the AC mode will provide for dynamic assignment of DAMA slots and will result in an estimated four-fold increase in satellite channel utilization efficiency.
Define the following DAMA Operation Modes: DC
DC Mode of operation: In DC (Distributed Control), Access to the time slots are made locally at each 1271. No central controller is required other than to provide timing. Disadvantage is no central source, no privacy, key problems
Define and discuss JMINI
Joint UHF Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Network Integrated (JMINI) controller:
The JMINI is the hardware and software suite used by the NCTAMS-SMC to manage 5-kilohertz (kHz) and 25-kHz DAMA networks. It is a multiplexer controlling the technical configuration of the DAMA satellite channels to provide functionality of the system.
Define and state the purpose of SSA
Satellite Signal Analyzer (SSA) is used to monitor Satellite receive signals for random noise, interference, or other anomalies.
Voice Over IP
Defense Switch Network
Defense Red Switch Network
Plain Old Telephone System
Afloat Personnel Telecommunications Program
Secure Terminal Equipment