10 terms

MS Excel Week 3 : 2nd Semester

To apply attibutes to cell data to change the appearence of the worksheet.
The typeface or design of the text.
Font size
The measurement of the typeface in points (one point equals 1/72 of an inch).
Accounting format
A style that vetically aligns with dollar signs ($), thousands separators (,), and decimal points.
Percent format
A style that displays decimal numbers as a percentage.
Comma format
A style that displays numbers with a thousands separator (,).
Currency format
A style that displays dollar signs ($) immediately preceding the number and includes a thousand separator (,).
A feature of Windows that holds data or graphics that you have cut or copied and are ready to be pasted into any document.
Fill handle
Dragging this handle, located in the lower-right corner of the active cell, will copy cell contents, formatting, or a format to adjacent cells.
Format Painter
A button on the Home tab that allows you to copy formatting from a selected object or cell and apply it to another object or cell.