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EAWS Training - Phase I, Block XV

What does NALCOMIS do?
Provides the capability to manage maintenance and supply functions and processes by allowing users to enter information
What is OOMA?
A management tool that provides essential, real time information on a continuing basis through the Visual Electronic Displays (VEDs)
What does OOMA track?
NMCS/PMCS status, flyable discrepancies, non-aircraft related discrepancies, ALSS status, SE status, Mission Mounted Equipment (MME) status
What are some of the responsibilities of maintenance control?
Monitor aircraft status, set workcenter priorities, ensure aircrew initiates Work Orders for discrepancies, reviews and approves corrective actions, assigns project/priority code for requisitioning parts, etc.
What is a JCN?
Job Control Number; 9 character alphanumeric code that is basis for data collection
What block is prefilled based on the type of WO selected?
Type Maintenance
What is the Type WO?
2-character code that describes the type of maintenance to be performed
What is the history of the WO from start to finish?
Accumulated Job Status History
What is included in Worker Hours?
Worker name, tools used, and QA/CDI that inspected them, and hours worked
What block identifies the workcenter responsible to complete the maintenance action?
What is the Work Unit Code?
A numeric or alphanumeric code that identifies the system or subsystem of the malfunction
What are some common types of WOs?
Discrepancy Maintenance (DM), Troubleshooting (TS), Cannibalization Maintenance (CM), Assist Maintenance (AD), Facilitate Other Maintenance (FO), Conditional Look phase (CL), Conditional Fix Phase (CF), Special inspection one work center (SX), Special inspection control (SC), Technical Directive (TD)