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éwan ko

I don't know.


I don't know.

Bahála na!

Happen what may!

Kaunti lang.

just a little


May it be so

Kung mínsan

once in awhile

Gísing na!

Wake up!

Hindi bale!

Never mind

Hindi namán

Not so

Hintáy ka (teka)

Wait a moment.

Huwag na. Salámat.

No more. Thank you.

Bahálá ka.

It's up to you.

Dalí ka!

Hurry up.

Mámayá na.

Later on this day.

Maráming salámat.

Many thanks.

Anó (po)?

What did you say?

Saká na.

Go on


What a pity. What a waste.

Tahímik kayó.

Be silent.

Táma na.

It is all right. It is enough.

Táyo na. (Tena!)

Let us go

Totoó ba?

Is it true?

Túlog na.

Go to sleep.

Maráhil. Sigúro.



it seems incredible.


It is boresome.


long live

Maligáyang Batí

Happy greetings

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