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Which of the following is NOT one of the main purposes of hair?


The technical term for the study of hair is called:

hair bulb

When looking through a microscope, which portion of the hair would display living cells?


Hair grows from a tube-like "pocket" called a root sheath or a(an) :

the inside diameter of the hair follicle

The diameter of a hair fiber will be the same as:

the angle of the follicle

What is the natural flow of hair determined by?

hair root

The two primary parts of hair are the hair fiber and the:

hair fiber

What is the portion of hair that extends above the skin's surface?


Which of the following resembles the shape of a golf club and covers the follicle at the lower portion of the hair root?


Located at the bottom of the follicle and supplying nourishment to the germinal matrix is the:


The three major layers of the hair are the medulla, cortex, and which of the following?


The pigment that gives hair its color is found primarily in the:


The hair shaft consisting of unique protein structures that gives hair elasticity is called the:


The outer layer of the hair shaft made up of overlapping layers of transparent scales is called the :

the papilla has not been destroyed

Hair that has been pulled out from the roots can grow back under which of the following circumstances?

root sheath or follicle

Oil glands are attached to the side of the:


The central core of the hair shaft sometimes missing in fine or very fine hair is called the:


Which of the following items helps protect the hair and skin from becoming to dry?

acid mantle

What is formed when sebum produced by the oil glands mixes with the body's perspiration?

arrector pili

The muscle that causes the hair to stand on end when a person is scared or cold is known as the :


Hair is made up primarily of:

anagen stage

Which of the following is known as the active growing stage of hair?

2 to 6 years

The active growing stage of hair lasts from

only a few weeks

Catagen, a brief transitional phase, lasts for what amount of time?

catagen stage

The hair growth stage when all cell division stops is the:

catagen stage

The resisting stage of hair growth when the hair bulb has no attached root sheath is referred to as the:

1/2 per month

Human hair, on the average, grows about:


The lips, soles of the feet, palms of the hands, and eyelids do not have:

eyelash hair

Cilia is the technical term for:

fine hair

The cross- section, or diameter, of the hair shaft is much larger in course hair than which of the following?


Which of the following is the hard, resistant layer of protein that protects the hair shaft?

eumelanin and pheomelanin

The large variety of hair color is influenced by the amount and distribution of:


What is the lack of pigmentation in the hair and skin called?

reduced color pigment, melanin, in the cortex layer of the hair

Gray hair is caused by a(an):

the natural aging process

The process of hair turning gray is usually caused by:


The degree of coarseness or fineness of the hair fiber is referred to as:


The number of active hair follicles per square inch on the scalp refers to:


The amount of moisture able to be absorbed by hair is its:


If the layers are very close together the hair has which type of porosity?


Extreme porosity describes hair that has been damaged by the environment or:

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