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Wing Staff Officers

C/Col Benjamin J. Barringer
Wing Commander
C/Col Christina L. Thompson
Vice Wing Commander
C/Col Tyler A. Schultz
Wing Director of Operations
C/Col Sean Knowles
Wing Honor Chairperson
C/Lt Col Jon P. Escamilla
Deputy Wing Honor Chairperson For Education
C/Lt Col Cody W. Ables
Deputy Wing Honor Chairperson For Remediation
C/Col Brandon L. Roberts
Wing Character Officer
C/Lt Col Michael A. Oakley
Director of Training
C/Lt Col Christopher C. Richardson
Director of Stan/Eval
C/Lt Col Steven Z. Davies
Director of Support/Services
C/Lt Col Alyssa M. Deiters
Director of Athletics
C/Lt Col Brittany J. Gerard
Director of Academics
C/Lt Col Kelsey A. Smith
Director of Public and International Affairs
C/Lt Col Ryan W. Henderson
Director of Major Training Events
C/Lt Col Dayton M. Gilbreath
Director of Safety
C/Lt Col Brendan J. Maestas
Force Protection and Anti-Terrorism
C/Lt Col Aaron E. Foster
Chief of Operations, Cadet Wing Command Post
C/Maj Michael R. Quezada
Communications Officer
C/Maj Julie O. Baumgardner
Executive Officer
C/Lt Col Fredrick J. Johnson
Director of Airmanship