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  1. Female
  2. Testes
  3. Bulbourethral gland
  4. Vagina
  5. Seminal vesicles
  1. a first gland that sperm pass on their way out of body; secretes a liquid containing fructose to nourish sperm and give them energy need to swim
  2. b primary male reproductive organ;produce sperm and release hormone testosterone
  3. c to produce eggs and to prepare female body to nourish devolping embryo
  4. d passageway that leads from uterus to outside body;where babies pass through to be born and male's penis is introduced
  5. e last gland;small and closest to urethra secretes an alkaline substance often secreted before ejaculation to prepare urethra for sperm

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  1. comma shaped structure found outside of testes; sperm travel here from testes to mature
  2. tube that carries mature egg from ovary to uterus; place where fertilization occurs
  3. passageway leading from bladder to exterior of body;common outlet for semen and urine
  4. collective term for the external reproductive organs of the female
  5. tube leading from epididymis to urethra; stores sperm until they are released from body

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  1. Prostate glandnext gland; secretes an alkaline substance that makes up most of the seminal fluid; this fluid protects sperm from acid in male urethra and increases their motility


  2. Glandsorgan through which urine or semen must pass to exit the body;organ by which semen is introduced to female vagina


  3. Ovulationwhen male is sexually aroused,autonomic nervous system prepares male organs to deliver sperm


  4. Cervixlower portion of uterus;opening that leads to the vagina


  5. Scrotumpassageway leading from bladder to exterior of body;common outlet for semen and urine