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  1. Testes
  2. Vagina
  3. Fimbrae
  4. Scrotum
  5. Ejaculation
  1. a when male is sexually aroused,autonomic nervous system prepares male organs to deliver sperm
  2. b primary male reproductive organ;produce sperm and release hormone testosterone
  3. c sac that houses the testes;it can raise and lower to adjust the temperature so that it is optimal for sperm development
  4. d passageway that leads from uterus to outside body;where babies pass through to be born and male's penis is introduced
  5. e fingerlike projections that accept that egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube

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  1. tube leading from epididymis to urethra; stores sperm until they are released from body
  2. hollow muscular cavity that recieves the fertilized egg and where the fertilized fetus develops;where the egg disintegrates if not fertilized
  3. next gland; secretes an alkaline substance that makes up most of the seminal fluid; this fluid protects sperm from acid in male urethra and increases their motility
  4. small organ made of erectile tissue;homologous similar to the head of the penis
  5. comma shaped structure found outside of testes; sperm travel here from testes to mature

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  1. Endometriumlining of uterus; each month it becomes thick to prepare for fertilization; sloughed off if no fertilization


  2. Femaleto produce eggs and to prepare female body to nourish devolping embryo


  3. Glandsthree glands that line the male reproductive tract


  4. Penisorgan through which urine or semen must pass to exit the body;organ by which semen is introduced to female vagina


  5. Cervixlower portion of uterus;opening that leads to the vagina


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