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twilliams French Irregular Verbs

to go
to be
to have
to do/make
to come
Je suis
I am
Tu es
you are
Il/Elle est
He/She is
Nous sommes
We are
Vous êtes
You guys are
Ils/Elles sont
They are
I have
Tu as
You have
Il/Elle a
He/She has
Nous avons
We have
Vous avez
You guys have
Ils/Elles ont
They have
Je vais
I am going
Tu vas
You are going
Il/Elle va
He/She is going
Nous allons
We are going
Vous allez
You guys are going
Ils/Elles vont
They are going
Je fais
I'm doing/making
Tu fais
You are doing/making
Il/Elle fait
He/She are doing/making
Nous faisons
We are doing/making
Ils/Elles font
They are doing/making
Vous faites
You guys are doing/making
Je viens
I'm coming
Tu viens
You are coming
Il/Elle vient
He/She are coming
Nous venons
We are coming
Vous venez
You guys are coming
Ils/Elles viennent
They are coming