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  1. A measurement that denotes a position east or west of the prime meridian (Greenwich, England). It is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds, and meridians of longitude extend from pole to pole and intersect parallels of latitude.
  2. What are the four principal elements of a map?
  3. The representation of distinct aspects of information shown on a map, such as stars for capital cities.
  4. What geometric quality is distorted by cylindrical maps?
  5. Area that possesses regional identity, such as the Sun Belt or Deep South, but share less objective criteria in the use of this regional name. It exists in the mind of a large number of people but has no official borders.
  1. a vernacular region
  2. b Area
  3. c symbolization
  4. d Scale, coordinate system, projection, symbolization
  5. e longitude

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  1. Area
  2. latitude
  3. high
  4. population density
  5. location

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  1. The distortion caused by the transfer of three-dimensional space on Earth's surface to the two dimensions of a flat map.The West


  2. What geometric quality is preserved by azimuthal maps?Direction


  3. What geometric quality is distorted by conical maps?Direction


  4. Commonly, a nation is a term describing the citizens of a state—or that state—but it also refers to an ethnic group existing with or without a separate political entity. Nation State.nation


  5. Places near the equator are said to be in _____ latitudes;high