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  1. What are three principal types of map projections?
  2. Lines of Latitude are also known as .......?
  3. A map constructed to give a highly generalized view of a large area.
  4. What geometric quality is preserved by cylindrical maps?
  5. See Latitude.
  1. a small-scale map
  2. b Direction
  3. c prime meridian
  4. d Conical, thematic, azimuthal
  5. e Parallels

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  1. nation
  2. The West
  3. Formal, uniform, functional (modal)
  4. state
  5. Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, Antarctic circle

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  1. What are the geometric qualities that projections distort?Conical, thematic, azimuthal


  2. The Tropic of Capricorn is at ____° __23.5, N


  3. The scientific analysis of the landforms of the earth; sometimes called physiography.The West


  4. The study of patterns of disease diffusion, environmental impact on public health, and the interplay of geographic factors, migration, and population. With the increasing ease of international movement, medical geography is becoming more important as the potential for disease diffusion increases.Human, physical


  5. The distortion caused by the transfer of three-dimensional space on Earth's surface to the two dimensions of a flat map.geomorphology