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  1. A political unit over which an established government maintains sovereign control.
  2. The study of Geography is divided into what two main sub-fields?
  3. Area that has a unitary quality that derives from a homogeneous characteristic (e.g. political boundary, e.g. Florida). Also called a uniform region
  4. The subdiscipline of geography most concerned with the climate, landforms, soils, and physiography of the earth's surface.
  5. Other name for a formal region
  1. a physical geography
  2. b uniform region
  3. c formal region
  4. d Human, physical
  5. e state

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  1. population density
  2. Conical, thematic, azimuthal
  3. cultural mores
  4. 66.5, N
  5. agricultural revolution (neolithic or new stone age or food-producing revolution)

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  1. What are the two ways scale is represented on a map?Area


  2. The Tropic of Capricorn is at ____° __23.5, S


  3. The craft of designing and making maps, the basic language of geography. In recent years, this traditional manual art has been changed profoundly through the use of computers and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and through major improvements in machine capacity to produce detailed, colored, map products.cartography


  4. Area that possesses regional identity, such as the Sun Belt or Deep South, but share less objective criteria in the use of this regional name. It exists in the mind of a large number of people but has no official borders.vernacular region


  5. A special map in which an area's shape and size are defined by explicit characteristics of population, economy, or distribution of any stated product.landscape