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  1. The distortion caused by the transfer of three-dimensional space on Earth's surface to the two dimensions of a flat map.
  2. The scientific study of patterns and dynamics of climate.
  3. A portion of the earth's land surface. Geographers are interested in the transformation of natural landscapes into cultural landscapes.
  4. Lines of longitude that extend from pole to pole and intersect parallels of latitude.
  5. Lines of Longitude are also known as .......?
  1. a climatology
  2. b Meridians
  3. c meridian
  4. d projection
  5. e landscape

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  1. area, shape, distance, direction
  2. The West
  3. Human, physical
  4. prime meridian
  5. geographic information systems (gis)

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  1. What geometric quality is preserved by azimuthal maps?Distance from pole


  2. A map constructed to show considerable detail in a small area.large-scale map


  3. A political unit over which an established government maintains sovereign control.parallel


  4. What are the two "levels" of scale, (and how does the representative fraction change for each? )Large, small


  5. The size ratio represented by a map; for example, a map with a scale of 1:12,500 is portrayed as 1/12,500 of the actual size.projection