10 terms

Pro football rules

for the upcoming superbowl just a little vocabulary so that we know our superbowl lingo
loss of ball while in hands
A pass that the opposing team catches thus a turnover
when a teams offense make it to the other side of the field to the scoring area called an endzone
when a defensive player swats down a pass before it is completed
field goal
when a team kicks the ball into an "upright" an object that looks like a tuning fork if made then the team gets three points if missed then the team losses possion
when a team has not succesfully made first down thus a punter comes out and kicks the ball down field as far as possible and if the ball goes out of bounds the opposing teamwill get possion at that spot if not then were ever the punt returner is downed
illegally beyond the line of scrimmage resulting in a 5 yard penalty
false start
is called if an offensive player is already set for the snap and moves or flinches before the snap of the ball resulting in a 5 yard penalty
pass interference
If the offensive or defensive player makes illegal contact or interferes with an opponent going after a pass (offensive 15 yards, replay down -- defensive 15 yards, automatic 1st down)
touching a player of an opposing team before the ball is snapped resulting in a 5 yard penalty and a replay of down