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to soothe or mollify especially by concessions; appease


to steal and pass off as one's own; use without crediting the source


adj. appearing worthy of belief


n. one of the common people


n. excess, superfluity; also profusion; abundance


adj. painfully affecting the feelings; piercing; deeply affecting; touching; designed to make an impression; cutting; pleasurably stimulating; being to the point; apt


adj. unwieldy or clumsy because of weight and size 3 oppressively or unpleasantly dull; lifeless


adj. born after the father's death; published after the author's death; arising or continuing after one's death


adj. able to copulate-usually used of the male


adj. dependent on uncertain premises; dubious; dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments; characterized by a lack of security or stability that threatens with danger


n. an earlier occurrence of something similar; something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same or an analogous kind


to make impossible by necessary consequence; rule out in advance


adj. exceptionally early in development or occurrence


n. one that precedes and indicates the approach of another; predecessor


adj. inclined or intended to injure or exploit others for personal gain or profit


n. an established preference for something


n. either of the first two propositions of a syllogism from which the conclusion is drawn; something assumed or taken for granted


n. an exclusive or special right, power, or privilege, one belonging to an office or an official body; one belonging to a person, group, or class of individuals; one possessed by a nation as an attribute of sovereignty


adj. not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted; pure; fresh and clean as or as if new


n. adherence to the highest principles and ideals, uprightness

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