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  1. When Mary was conceived a child whose name was to be Jesus
  2. the people on earth trying to go to Heaven
  3. all of the souls in Purgatory who are trying to act better so that they can go to Heaven at the end of time
  4. the souls in Heaven who have succeeded their task in life; also the saints and angels in Heaven
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  1. Helleternal "fire"=pain; suffering because you know you missed the chance you had to be with God


  2. SaintsPadre Pio: It would be easier for the world to live without the sun, than without the Mass


  3. The new Liturgical translationJesus resurrected from the tomb he was buried in three days after he died


  4. The Ascension40 days after Jesus died, he went to the bosom of Abraham to free all of the souls and take them to Heaven


  5. Purgatorywhere you go to be purified in order to be with God; go to Heaven (at the end of time empties into Heaven)


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