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  1. more accurate to the Latin, a more proper way to worship, united with the rest of the world
  2. complete fullfilment in God; greatest happiness; united with God
  3. When Mary was conceived a child whose name was to be Jesus
  4. ...
  5. church suffering, shurch militant, church triumphant

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  1. Church Sufferingall of the souls in Purgatory who are trying to act better so that they can go to Heaven at the end of time


  2. The Ascensionthe unbloody representation of Jesus on the cross on Calvary


  3. Church Militantthe souls in Heaven who have succeeded their task in life; also the saints and angels in Heaven


  4. SaintsPadre Pio: It would be easier for the world to live without the sun, than without the Mass


  5. Purgatorywhere you go to be purified in order to be with God; go to Heaven (at the end of time empties into Heaven)