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Study guide on Classical civilizations

What were Roman slaves not used for?

Military service

Difference between classical China and Hwang-he rivier vally civilzation.

In classical China religious sacrifices were suppressed

Difference between Mauryan dynasty and Gupta dynasty.

Mauryan dynasty ruled a larger territory

Unlike Hinduisnm, Christianity is more likely to _______________________.

See humans as superior to the rest of nature

Why did nomadic invaders have military advantages over the armies of the empires?

They were more skilled as horsemen

In comparison to China, India ____________________________.

Had greater contact with other societies and civilizations

Compared to Hinduism and Buddhism, what wasn;t a distinctive feature of late-Roman Christianity?

Belief that an evil life will be punished

Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism __________________.

did not believe in the caste system

How did the Indian caste system serve, to an extent, as a political institution?

It enforced rules about social behavior

By 600, a good defintion of "barbarian" would be ____________________.

Someone who is not part of a civilization

What did Aryan conquerors bring to India?

Distinctive religious ideas

How did the end of the Gupta empire differ from the end of the Roman empire?

The Gupte empire's decline dd not involve the introduction of a new religion for the majority

In what subject did Hellenistic society register special advances?


What wasn't a reason the Chinese government accepted Daosim?

The Daoist belief that nobles were holier than peasants

How did the Qin dynasty differ from the Zhou dynasty.

In that it was more centralized

What was one difference between classical civilizations and river-valley civilizations?

In classical civilizations, political organizations were more elaborate

The "Son of Heaven' concept was designed to promote all all of the following except ___________________________.

the priest's control of the state

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