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any of the low points of a wave is a

destructive interference

superposition of waves with opposite amplitudes causes


any rhythmic disturbance that carries energy through matter or space

standing wave

a wave that appears to be standing still is a

mechanical wave

a wave that requires a physical medium is a

wave pulse

a single bump or disturbance that travels through a medium is a

constructive interference

superposition of waves with displacements in the same direction causes


an unmoving point at which destructively interfering pulses meet is a

longitudinal wave

in this wave the disturbance moves parallel to the direction of motion of the wave


a point of largest displacement caused by the constructive interference of waves is called an


any of the high points of a wave is a


the result of any superposition of two or more waves is

surface wave

in this kind of wave the particles move in a direction that is both parallel and perpendicular to the direction of wave motion

transverse wave

in this kind of wave the particles vibrate in a direction perpendicular to the direction of motion of the wave


a line that is at a right angle to a barrier is a


waves typically transmit only this


water waves, sound waves, and waves that travel down a spring are examples of what kind of wave?


if a wave moves in a leftward direction but the particles of the medium move up and down, the wave must be a

longitudinal and transverse

a surface wave has characteristics of what other two waves?


sound is an example of what kind of wave


fluids transmit what kind of wave?


waves at the top of a lake or an ocean are examples of waht kind of wave?


energy from the sun reaches earth by means of what kind of electromagnetic waves?


waves that travel down a rope


equal to one oscillation per second


the speed of the wave depends only on its


waves with larger amplitudes transmit (less or more) energy than waves with smaller amplitudes?


the frequency of the wave does not depend on its medium. true or false?


a wave of (high or low) frequency also has a long period?


the higher the frequency of a wave is, the (longer or shorter) the period is


a wave's maximum displacement from its position of rest


doubling the amplitude of a wave increases the rate of the energy transfer by a factor of


the time it takes for the motion of an oscillator to repeat itself in generating a wave is the


the number of complete oscillations per second


frequency is measured in what?


both period and frequency of a wave depend only on its what?


a material that carries the energy of a mechanical wave is a

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