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  1. anti hypertensive
  2. fl
  3. ac
  4. Wheal
  5. potentiation
  1. a block nerve impulses, slow heart rate, reduce contractility.
  2. b fluid - abbreviation
  3. c before meals
  4. d Localized area of edema or a raised lesion
  5. e a drug interaction that occurs when the effect of one drug is increased by another drug, herbal remedy, or other treatment.

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  1. verbal order - abbreviation
  2. double strength - abbreviation
  3. 1,000mL = _qt
  4. microgram
  5. A coating added to an oral medication that resists the effects of the stomach juices; designed so that medicine is absorbed in the small intestine.

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  1. sLliter


  2. qid4 times a day


  3. mLfluid - abbreviation


  4. R, prExtended Release -abbreviation


  5. adbefore


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