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  1. 60mg
  2. p
  3. anesthetics
  4. prepare in well lit area, pay close attention to all steps involved, check expiration dates, ask pt. about allergies.
  5. Schedule I drugs
  1. a 0.06g = __mg
  2. b No accepted medical use (high potential for abuse)
  3. c List four preparations a medical assistant must take to ensure safe medication administration
  4. d block nerve impulses
  5. e after

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  1. chest pain
  2. Gauges _____and _____ are commonly used for subcutaneous injections.
  3. Drugs that prevent the occurrence of a condition; for example, vaccines prevent the occurrence of a specific infectious disease.
  4. grain
  5. fluid - abbreviation

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  1. Vastus Lateralisunder tongue


  2. Whealmilliliter


  3. 2.2lbs1tbsp = _mL


  4. antidepressantstreat depression


  5. adas needed


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