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  1. a
  2. Schedule I drugs
  3. Wheal
  4. Scored tablet
  5. IVPB - abbreviation
  1. a before
  2. b Drug in a pill form manufactured with an indentation for division through the center
  3. c Localized area of edema or a raised lesion
  4. d intravenous piggyback
  5. e No accepted medical use (high potential for abuse)

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  1. curves formation of liquids in a container.
  2. reduce blood glucose, increase insulin
  3. blood concentration of a drug that produces the desired effects without toxicity.
  4. Relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder without effecting a cure. ex. antihistamines for allergic symptoms.
  5. Pertaining to administration other than through the intestinal tract

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  1. hsbedtime


  2. diureticsa chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver


  3. DEAa federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services established to regulate the release of new foods and health-related products


  4. PRNgrain


  5. 100mg0.2g = ___mg