26 terms

Vietnam Era

Review for 8R Vietnam War test on Friday.
John F. Kennedy
Optimistic President - created space program
Lyndon B. Johnson
The President who sent troops to Vietnam
Richard M. Nixon
President who claimed to win Vietnam with peace and honor
Jimmy Carter
Faced a hostage situation in Iran during Presidency
Where Nixon visited to ease Cold War tensions
Watergate scandal
Attempted burglary of Democratic headquarters during 1972 campaign
1st President to resign
Richard M. Nixon
Easing of Cold War tensions
Imperialized Vietnam for almost 100 years
North Vietnam
Communist portion of Vietnam
South Vietnam
Portion of Vietnam American supported
Ho Chi Minh
Communist leader of Vietnam
Domino Theory
If Vietnam fell to communism the countries around it would also fall
Gulf of Tonkin
Where American boat was sunk - made LBJ send troops
Vietnam War
America entered this war to stop the spread of communism
Guerrilla Warfare
Hit and Run Tactics
Fighting of war took place here ("home court advantage")
Chemical Weapons
Napalm and Agent Orange
Supported the war to stop spread of communism
Anti - War
A country American bombed to stop North Vietnam
After American troops left this country became one communist country
Kent State
College where 4 students died peacefully protesting
3 day music festival in NY
group of people creating their own anti-war culture
Great Society
LBJ's plan to make life better for Americans (ex. welfare)