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a transfer of thermal energy due to a difference in temperature
heat energy
a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature
electrical energy
form of energy made available by the flow of electrons through condunctors
chemical energy
form of energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
mechanical energy
total amount of potential and kinetic energy in a system
kinetic energy
energy of an object that results from motion
potential energy
energy stored in a system that has the potential to be converted into mechanical or kinetic energy
heat transfer
the movement of energy from a warmer object to a cooler object
a measure of how hot or cold something is
study of the relationship between energy, heat and work.
energy made available by the movement of electrons through conductors
energy conversion
transformation from one form of energy to another form
fossil fuels
fuels formed by the anaerobic decomposition of buried, dead organisms; ex: coal, petroleum
device that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy
amount of work done in a given unit of time
effort expended in rubbing one object against another
gravitational acceleration
acceleration of an object due to gravity, measured in meters per second squared
displacement of an object during some interval of time.

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