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What are good and bad attributes of absolutism?

Good: all power in 1 person, less disputes on what is official
Bad: monarch can take advantage of power and get away w/ injustices

Why did Chares V give up his titles and enter a monastery?

he was exhausted from ruling so many empires, it was too hard

Philip II believed his right to rule came from ___.

divine right

Philip enforced religious unity and turned the Inquisition on ___.


What lands did Spain lose because of Protestant rebels?

Dutch Netherlands

What was Philip II like?

dedicated to his work, rarely had fun

What country supported Dutch against Spain? How did Philip II try to get back at them (their pirates were looting Spain)?

England. He sent an armada to stop them, but failed because of freak weather.

Philip's rule over Spain caused for Spain's ___.

Golden Age

Why did Spain's economy decline?

loss of Muslims and Jews, American gold and silver leads to inflation, not much focus on farming and commerce, heavy taxing on middle class

France tore apart because of religious wars between the ___ and the ___.

Huguenots and Catholics

Henry IV, a Huguenot prince who became Catholic, protected Protestants in France by issuing the ___ in ___.

Edict of Nantes in 1598

Henry IV laid the foundations for royal absolutism in France by ___.

building royal bureaucracy and reducing influence of nobles

Cardinal Richelieu's main goal was to destroy the power of ___ and ___. His successor was ___.

Hugenots and nobles, Cardinal Jules Mazarin

What did Louis XIV also called himself?

"The Sun King"

How did Louis XIV cement ties between the middle class and monarchy of France?

appointing intendants from the middle class

Although ___, the finance minister, brought wealth to France, France was often short on money because of ___ and ___.

Colbert, lavish court spendings and huge costs of wars

What is the major ritual known as the levée?

When Louis XIV rises, nobles compete for the honor of helping him get ready.

To show his power, Louis XIV showed his power as absolute monarch by building his new extravagant palace of ___.


The switch from the Tudor dynasty to the ___ dynasty started the English Civil War because of constant clashes with ___.

Stuart, Parliament

Who dissolved Parliament in 1629?

King Charles I of England

What was the petition that prohibited the king from raising taxes without the consent of Parliament or from imprisoning anyone w/out a just cause?

Petition of Right

The 1640 Parliament became known as the ___ Parliament because it lasted on and off until 1653.

Long Parliament

Who were Cavaliers? Roundheads?

Cavaliers: supporters of the monarch
Roundheads: supporters of Parliament and Oliver Cromwell

Cromwell organized the ___ Army for Parliament, and had the king in the hands of ___ ___ by 1647.

"New Model Army", parliamentary forces

What was the new government set up by Cromwell called?

the Commonwealth

Cromwell took the title of ___ ___ in 1653.

Lord Protector

Who were Levellers? Were they suppressed by the English government?

Levellers thought that poor men should have a say in government

Under the Commonwealth, ___ preachers tried to root out godlessness and impose a "rule of saints".


Cromwell believed in religious freedom for ___ groups and welcomed ___ back to England.

Protestant, Jews

___ was a popular ruler after Cromwell and restored theaters and taverns.

Charles II

Who fled to France when Mary and William III of Orange were invited to become rulers of England by Parliament? What was this called?

James II, Glorious Revolution

William and Mary of England needed to accept acts passed by Parliament in 1689. These were called...

The Bill of Rights

What did the Bill of Rights require?

a regular summoning of Parliament, no Catholics, enforced habeas corpus (no person could be held in prison w/out being charged w/ a specific crime)

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