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What do you call a woman who agrees to have a baby on behalf of another person

A surrogate mother

What is a traditional piece of music the bride and groom first dance to at their wedding reception

The bridal waltz

On what piece of women's clothing would you be likely to find an underwire

A bra

What do you call the rustling of silk on a women's dress


According to the old wives tale, how many times should a girl brush her hair each day so it's healthy and shiny


In knitting terms, what do the instructions 'P1,K1' mean

Pearl one, knit one.

Who is the most well known skinny british model of the 1960's


What do you call a single diamond set alone in a ring

A solitaire

On what part of your body would you put a bindi

The middle of your forehead

Name the 7 dwards in the children's fairy tale, Snow White.

Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc

What coarse cotton fabric, originally used in cheese making, found world popularity in the 1970's


What is another name for clotted cream

Devonshire cream

What sewing term describes loosely tacking material together at the start of making a garment


In the book series Winnie the Pooh, where do all the characters live

In The Hundred Acre Woods

In the fairytale Rapunzel, how did the Prince regain his sight

Rapunzel's tears fell in his eyes

Where would a woman use volumiser

In her hair

Where does a woman apply rouge

To her cheeks

When using an eyelash curler, do you apply mascara before or after using it


If you're 27-40 weeks into your pregnancy, you're said to be in your third what


For which fashion label does Stella McCartney design


True or False? Nirvana is a traditional English style of decorating a wedding cake.


Who are the celebrity parents of the children Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

What is Depo Provera

A contraceptive

What word is used to describe the little odd bits of hair that stand out on your head from the main body of hair


In a musical, what do you call the group of singers who accompany the soloists

The chorus

If you are serving seafood at a dinner party, what should you provide your guests with so they can keep their hands clean

A fingerbowl

Who is the husband of Queen Elizabth II

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

With what product do you associate the designer name Manolo Blahnik


What is the vegetable kumara more commonly known as

Sweet potato

Through what part of a needle would you thread a piece of cotton

The eye

When your trying to finish the last bit of soup, which way should you tilt your bowl

Away from you

In the book series Sweet Valley High, what are the names of the Wakefield twins

Elizabeth and Jessica

What do you call the fitted upper part of a woman's dress, above the waistline

The Bodice

What do you call the pile or finish on a fabric's surface


Perse is a very deep shade of what color

Blue or Purple

What is the main herb used in making pesto


What is the commercial slogan for L'Oreal hair care products

"Because I'm worth it"

What make-up product do you need to throw away if it starts clumping


What do you call the small, black-tipped fatty masses that can come up in a follicle on your face


When your testing to see if a cake's ready to come out of the oven, where do you stick a skewer: down the side or in the center


What highly absorbent paper do you need to use when pressing flowers

Blotting paper

Where is a premature baby placed after birth so it can be kept at a constant and good temperature

An Incubator

Where on your body would you find a lunula

On your fingernail

Who wrote the book series the Baby-Sitters Club

Ann M. Martin

Traditionally, what goes in a chalice


Lamb's wool comes from a lamb that is sherred when it is how many months old


In sewing, what term describes finishing off a seam by sewing the edge down flat


What is the main ingredient in coq au vin


When cleaning glass, what leaves less streaks- cotton or newspaper


What is the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary

Pearls or Ivory

How many innings are there in a softball match


What is the setting agent used when making jam


When would a woman suffer eclampsia

During pregnancy or childbirth

ADD is a medical condition suffered by a number of children. What does it stand for

Attention Deficit Disorder

Who is the elder of these acting Fiennes brothers: Ralph or Joseph


What does the company Neutrogena specialize in

Skin care products

What would you be doing if you paid a visit to Toni and Guy

Getting your hair cut

WILD!!!!!! Guys, put one card back in the deck!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, miss a turn!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, steal a card from the girls!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, you've won a free card!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, you've won a free card!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, put one card back in the deck!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, miss a turn!


WILD!!!!!! Guys, steal a card from the girls!


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